SHOCKING! Two months later AFC’s Charrandas Persaud says he never resigned


By Kurt Campbell


Charrandas Persaud at the AFC press conference on Friday, November 29.
Charrandas Persaud at the AFC press conference on Friday, November 29.

[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) in shocking and belated declaration says reports which were published in several sections of media in September indicating that Attorney – at – law and Berbice campaigner Charrandas Persaud has resigned from the party is a rumor.

Persaud, who was present at the AFC’s press conference on Friday (November 29), said he never tendered a resignation.

However, Persaud had confirmed with iNews during a telephone interview on September 26, 2013 that he had resigned from the party effective Thursday September 26, 2013.

He had complained at the time that he was not given due credit for the work he had done for the AFC and was being taken for granted.

“I never resigned from the AFC and I will never resign, not until and unless the PPP is out of office,” Persaud told reporters with a straight face at today’s press conference.

He said he has given himself an ultimatum to end his political career once the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) which he described as a corrupt regime is removed from office.

Despite these revelations that go counter to media reports which were based on Persaud’s own admission, he said “I’m ‘BACK’ in the AFC camp with full force.”

It leaves one to wonder if Persaud did not resign, as he now claims, then where did he go? The AFC has also never denied or refuted publications which quoted Persaud as saying he resigned.

In September, Persaud had said “Going back to the 2011 campaign I have never been thanked for my work by the leader, I contributed to them winning the national seat in Berbice and all the millions they spent in Georgetown they didn’t even get the leg of a seat much less a seat. Their strategy is wrong” adding that “I’m at a point where I can break the PPP… But there is simply no communication… What am I…? I feel disrespected.”

When asked then whether he would be joining another political party, he said he was yet to decide.



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