City businesses foresee bleak Christmas


Business owners each year look forward to the Christmas season, as that is the time when business booms, however this is definitely not the case this Christmas.

Vendors plying their trade on Regent Street
Vendors plying their trade on Regent Street

A walk around the Capital City with several stops at business establishments revealed the reality, which was evident on the faces of many proprietors.

This publication took to the busy Regent Street and from all indications it seemed as though a blue Christmas is looming.
Many business owners refused to elaborate but were quick to highlight “business is slow, nothing ain’t happening!”

One Indian national businessman, who has been in Guyana for over four years, said that he has seen a decline every year but that this year is the worst thus far.

He noted that most persons are window shopping instead of buying anything: “I don’t know if it is because there is so much competition now with the Chinese being able to sell way cheaper but business is dead, dead!”

A floral vendor relayed that if not for her regular customers, she would not be getting any sales: “Right now business is not the way it would usually be, what we are accustom to, we are not getting it, it is pretty slow because the people are not shopping much.”

A single mother who has been plying her trade on Regent Street for a number of years is hopeful that business picks up by next week as she is hoping to provide a joyous Christmas for her children.

When asked what they think might be the reason for the drop in sales, most business owners highlighted that it is getting harder to live and make a living in Guyana because of the bad economic circumstances.

They voiced their dissatisfaction with the present situation, expressing fear for the coming years if things do not change.

Some business owners are however keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that as it gets closer to Christmas, sales will pick up and can at least shine some light on their Christmas trees. (Guyana Times)



  1. Of course things will get better. Have faith in APNU those are the people who will fix the damage which was done by the PPP ho ho ho!


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