Citizens not happy with CAL’s new baggage policy



babbage-allowance[] – A poll conducted by iNews found that many persons are not too happy with the decision of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) to allow passengers to pay an additional US$25 for a second ‘checked’ piece of luggage.

The iNews Poll asked: Do you think the Guyanese authorities should allow airlines to change their baggage policy and charge for the second piece?

In response, 74% voted ‘no’, 24% voted ‘yes’ and a mere two percent were undecided.

During a recent interview with iNews, Veteran Pilot Captain, Gerry Gouveia said he believes that CAL’s announcement of changes to its baggage policy is the direction that many other carriers will have to take because of the increased overhead expenses and emerging human resource that is being demanded of many airlines.

CAL’s policy will now see travelers on the airline only being allowed one carry on piece and one checked bag for free. The second checked bag will now carry a US$25 charge with additional taxes. Currently, travelers are allowed one carry on and two checked-in bags for free.



  1. The decision by Caribbean Airlines to charge for an additional check-in bag is inevitable. Most European airlines if not all, serving the Caribbean allow one check-in baggage along with one carry-on. Again, airlines from Europe to North America allow one check-in bag plus one carry-on. What would make a difference with Caribbean Airlines and the others, is the fee they would charge for the additional piece. The fee must be so set that it would be worth while to pay that fee because in some instances, the fee could be more than what is in that additional piece of baggage. Passengers to Georgetown from other destinations eg North America or Europe (UK in particular) get a sense of satisfaction in taking gifts/presents ”home” for friends and relatives. Some, low cost UK based airlines allow one hand luggage only and must pay for hospitality. Caribbean Airlines would need to act fairly with its customers.( What about increasing the weight allowance to seventy pounds instead of the current fifty pounds and then charge for the additional check-in piece?)

  2. Well from years now this policy was im place I traveled and always allow one check in an one hand piece. Well have new airline going to geo now so carribean airline have to watch what

    they do.


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