CIOG condemns Paris attacks

French security forces are now on the highest state of alert
French security forces are now on the highest state of alert
French security forces are now on the highest state of alert

[]– The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) has condemned in the strongest terms, terrorists attacks in France which has left over a hundred people dead.

The near-simultaneous attacks in Paris that killed nearly 130 people were an “act of war” organised by the Islamic State (IS) militant group, French President Francois Hollande says.

He said the attacks, carried out by eight gunmen and suicide bombers, were “organised and planned from outside”

See the full CIOG statement below.

The Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) and all humanity are horrified at the despicable atrocities that were visited upon the innocent civilians in the Paris, France attacks on November 13th 2015. Irrespective of nationality, religion or creed those who lost their lives are citizens of the world, and deserve to live in peace in their homeland.

These dastardly acts, can find no support despite the reasoning of the cause or struggle, and Citizens of the world, irrespective of religion, color, or creed should forcibly join in its condemnation. The killings and brutalities meted out to innocent civilians have become far too prevalent, and we encourage those in power to act now to stop those who perpetrate these horrendous acts in the name of religion and GOD.

If as is reported those who committed these acts of death and destruction did so in the name of Islam they cannot be deemed Muslims. They are very mistaken and no longer subscribe to the teachings of Islam and the laws that govern the lives of Muslims. Their dastardly acts further serve to contribute to the negativities that currently exist against our great and noble religion Islam.  For those who claim they believe in the Holy Quran and Islam they must be aware of the quotation from Almighty God in the Quran which states:  “He who kills a soul unless it be (in legal punishment) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the earth will be as if he had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind.” ( The Qur’an, Al-Ma’idah, 5:32)  Anyone defying this order cannot hold steadfast to the realms of Islam, and those who can accept this order can certainly achieve peace in the world.

The CIOG prays that the perpetrators of these acts, who claim to be Muslims, would seek to bring an immediate cessation to their activities, pause and reflect on the true and rich teachings of our beloved Prophet (OWBP), and the commandments give by the Almighty to all His Prophets, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (OWBP).



  1. CIOG should also acknowledge that followers adhere to the Koran’s injunction to followers to kill “infidels” and “unbelievers” which masses of Muslims appear to be willing to do.

  2. How come we don,t see CIOG making these statements of condemnations when muslims are being killed, terrorized or victimized.

    Point to ponder …. when a cat is cornered by a dog with no other retreat , what does it do….it fights back.

  3. This condemnation is a highly commendable act on the art of the CIOG. This statement is explicit and unequivocal. This is as it should be. Too often we hear Muslims giving watered down criticism of terrorists and attempting to partially justify their nefarious deeds. Given that there have recently been reports of Trinidadians joining ISIS I think the CIOG and the other Muslim bodies need to take this message into the mosques and ensure that it is fully understood. Death sentences are solely within the purview of a legal court. Coming from elsewhere they are murder plain and simple and it does not matter who is perceived to have started it. God sees and knows of every injustice, real or imagined. Acts of revenge only perpetuate a vicious cycle.
    Keep up the good work CIOG


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