Chinese owned multi – million dollar supermarket opens along Church Street



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Real Value 2[] – A new Multi-complex supermarket was last evening (November 15) opened on Church & Thomas Streets, Georgetown under the name, ‘The Real Value’.

It is expected to cater to the needs of Guyanese customers as it will offer quality products at the best prices.

At its grand opening ceremony, Tourism Minister (ag), Irfaan Ali plugged for the supermarket to make space and offer locally produced products to customers and to support farmers.

According to Ali, the opening of the supermarket shows the confidence that investors have in Guyana despite the challenges, as he promised to make the investment market friendlier for investors.

He also announced that a popular and worldwide known chicken franchise and Bank will be expanding their services to Guyana; however, Ali did not reveal their names.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Zhang Limin spoke of how investments like these will help to foster better relations between the two countries.Real Value 1

He urged that the owner, Jason Wang and his team continue to abide by the rules and local business‎ policies so that it will continue to grow.

Wang said he is optimistic that the Guyanese people will support his establishment so that it could be successful and employ more Guyanese. Currently, the supermarket has 30 employees, 25 being Guyanese.

He also expressed the hope of expanding his operations to offer additional products and services to the people.

The two storey building has several departments including MoneyGram, a natural juice section, cosmetics, grocery, electrical and will soon house an additional German’s Restaurant. The financial investment was not disclosed.



  1. I don’t think that ghhoyte lives in Guyana or he would have noticed that all the Chinese businesses in Guyana employ many Guyanese. All the Chinese do in the stores in to write the bills and collect moneys. I am sure gdhoyte you would have never been to the New Thriving Restaurant. I am truly amazed as to some silly comments made by some people.

  2. I am all for it. Chinese people are very hard working. I hope they open many more businesses like this thru out Guyana, creating jobs for the Guyanese people.Hopefully they can start manufacturing things in Guyana creating jobs for the youths of Guyana. The Guyana government needs to paying attention to the people of Guyana that are looking for work and can’t find any for all those students that graduate and can’t find any jobs. This government needs to start manufacturing things in Guyana because there are so many resources in Guyana that can be use to produce goods for export than rather importing everything from other countries.

  3. I have no problem with the Chinese being a part of our growth because they have been a helping hand all along.But i do think it is time that the Government and the labour department stand up to make sure they hire mostly guyenese to work and not just a few for political show.


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