Children injured after PPP weekend Rally; Rohee cites “Opposition desperation”


By Radha Motielall

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee said two children, a boy and girl ages 14 and 13, were injured on Sunday evening (April 19) on their way home from the rally at Albion.

According to Rohee, he received reports stating that between Number 50 and 51 villages on the Corentyne, Berbice a truck transporting supporters from the rally was attacked and persons injured.

Rohee said a bottle with a corrosive substance was thrown into the vehicle, causing burns to the body of a 13 – year – old girl. In addition, he said a 14 – year – old boy was hit by a missile in the head, while a 32 – year – old woman was hit to the shoulder.

One of the injured children.
One of the injured children.

The General Secretary said he did not have the names of those injured, neither the hospital at which he said they were treated and sent home from. What he could say was that the police are investigating the matter.

Rohee stressed that this is a matter of criminal offence, while noting that he is unaware of the same type of behaviour being meted out to Opposition supporters passing through any village. .

He then questioned whether such behaviour was centrally or locally orchestrated. Rohee also proffered that these types of behaviour is a “manifestation of the desperation and the frantic response by the Opposition to the massive turnout at rallies of the PPP”.

He added that what the PPP has to ensure is that “there is no retaliation”.

Meanwhile, in a subsequent release, the Guyana Police Force said it is conducting investigations into reports that at about 19:30hrs Sunday April 19, 2015, objects were allegedly thrown into a motor vehicle transporting supporters of the PPP/C political party in the vicinity of No. 50 Village, Corentyne.

Police say “two women were struck to their head and shoulder, respectively, and a female child was struck to her left hand. They were treated at the Skeldon Hospital.”



  1. Voice::: its what the so called “independent free press” do best…the garbge sells…they make a fat living off of it..i could call pnc and their supporters all kinds of nasty names too…but u bet your life the so called “independent free press” wont dare print…i said it many times and will say it again…all the so called “independent free press” are very much afraid of PNC and the wrath PNC would bring to bare on them that they will have to conduct their business from overseas…I will name them too..inews -sn – kn dm waves are all opposition to PPP..

  2. Why is it when someone say PPP or show support for the PPP party they have to be called names and be told that they are ‘stupid’ or they are a ‘cup-drinker’ or cattle herded etc. etc.? The PPP has erred and we all know it,but we are choosing to make the same mistake again. Does anybody knows why we think this way? Its simple: (1) We have thrust issues and the other parties are not giving us enough reasons to calm our nerves; (2) with acts of junking budgets, throwing stones, disrespect for me as well as disrespect for their fellow colleagues, etc. etc. i don’t think its wise to follow those people because as the old saying goes ‘u jump out the frying pan and end up in the fire’; (3) a country is not run on talks, its run on policies and the biggest event in the other party’s agenda is to remove to PPP and then what, they have nothing else properly planned. So what will they do? Resurrect Burnham’s Ideologies? Burnham failed this country with his holy ideologies, which looked fantastic on papers, but are just the Devil’s wrath in disguise. So I think we should be left alone to execute our democratic right without being stoned or cursed or otherwise because it won’t stop us but it will expose just show how small minded people behave.

  3. As of 6pm we already have twelve comments. PPP children were attacked and so many PNC adults condoning such terror. Am I surprised? This is just an idea of what their behaviors would be after may 11th when Gecom would have declare PPP victory.
    Where are the women’s group? Where are the forty two youth groups?
    Human Rights!!! Can anyone say if Guyana has Human Rights? OOPS!
    I forget,Human Rights only represent Criminals and PNC members.

  4. It is time to stop the kind of back yard politics and act like mature intelligent people who are capable to lead. stop the blame game and stop hurting yourself in order to cast blame on the opposition.

  5. No to violence .keep the peace a man must respect another man views this act must be condemned. I hope troublemakers are not trying to create disturbance and then people jump to blame the opposition.rohee think before you talk, make sure you have proof before jumping to careless chatter

  6. Hey how u know what to rohee saying us truth. He doesn’t know the name of the persons neither name the hospital. If u have ears to hear u better listen carefully because is a set of lies these asses in the pppc r saying. U don’t know when they are telling u the truth. Everyday is something with these asses. Dem karma facing them so they blaming opposition And not blaming themselves.

  7. COULD BE! Strange things happening! The recent Earth tremor was also caused by Jagdeo and the PPP/C. But then Berbice is close to Surinam. Could it be a Bacoo?
    Could it be the Rabbi Edward Washington and his House of Israel Kick down the door bandits resurfaced in Berbice in another form?
    Come on you people, ”LET MY PEOPLE GO” home in peace after ALL election rallies/meetings. Freedom of assembly is a right once it is peaceful.
    And you Feroz, like you have a chip in you shoulder against Jagdeo?

  8. the fire that rohee, jagdeo, ramotar and some gullible naive people who slobber all over this nonsense from the ppp will come back and bite them in their ass because people are not stupid.

    this constant fear-mongering, race-baiting and incendiary remarks coming from the ppp quarters is evidence of their desperation but, they should be reminded that the international criminal court is there awaiting them.

    anyone who align themselves with the ppp party are just plain wutliss, juss like rohee and hear dis, he is the country’s security minister, yes that bum!

  9. This kind of attacks must be condemned by all. We must speak out against such behaviors. Those behaviors cannot be condoned. Common PNC pulled yourself together man.

  10. @ Feroz. Stop blogging under the pretence of Feroz. You aren’t Indo Guyanese. We know who you are.

    We will not be fooled. Progress will continue under this PPP/C Government. You must be shivering right now when you look at this massive gathering.

  11. Will we ever know for sure who actually threw the missile?
    Mr. Rohee makes accusations without any proof.
    A Govt. supporter could have easily thrown the missile to cast blame on the opposition!
    Is this the start of violence to whip up passions? Who knows?

  12. It was probably Jagdeo who did all the throwing of missiles. That could account for why he didn’t show up to court today.


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