Chief Justice grants motion for PPP to file elections petition

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members.  [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang on Tuesday, June 23 granted a motion by the Elections Agent of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Ganga Persaud, for the Party to petition the results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections.

With the motion being granted, it is expected that the PPP/C will file its elections petition sometime this week – which would ask that the court grant an order for a forensic recount of votes from the May 11 polls.

The PPP, which has been in office for the past 23 years, was defeated at the elections by the APNU+AFC coalition by just under 5000 votes. Since then, the Party has not recognized the new government following its installation 38 days ago.

A copy of the motion was obtained by iNews and it details several grounds to support the Party’s claims that the elections were rigged in favour of the APNU+AFC coalition at the level of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

The motion asks that leave be granted for Persaud to initiate an elections petition, in accordance with the provisions of the National Assembly (Validity of Elections) Act to determine whether the General and Regional Elections were lawfully conducted and whether the results were altered.

Some of the more glaring allegations made by the Party in the petition include claims that persons voted multiple times and persons whose names were not on the Official List of Electors were allowed to vote.

PPP said that several ballot boxes from varying polling stations “were either not sealed or improperly sealed with the authorised seals at the close of polls.”

“The system, process and procedure used to intermix the Disciplined Services ballots with that of the general electorate is unknown, irregular and clandestine, rendering it impossible to confirm whether that which was intermixed was disciplined services ballots at all,” the motion states.

The Party also claims that votes cast in favour of the PPP/C were subtracted from its total and added to the APNU+AFC on varying Statements of Poll.



  1. Lots of enquiring minds want to know!!! But I suppose after 38 days it’s only a psychological effect that all the hype would have simmered down…but this is democracy, and those questions you are asking are all very legitimate; hence it bothers me that so many Guyanese just allow them to be swept under the rug.

  2. The Chief Elections Officer admitted there were fake SOPs, which he discarded and not use. He then refused to rely on Gecom’s Information Technology Department, which was where the fake SOP problem seemed to have originated, and relied instead on the SOPs signed off on by all the contesting parties’ agents at polling stations.

  3. To request a recount is not a privilege but a right if a party feels aggrieved by the declared results. This has happened in all of the ABC countries and within the Caribbean territories and beyond, not once but many times. (If you need statistics, read the very informative from the learned Vishnu Bisram in today’s 24/06/15 Guyana Times letters column).
    Hoyte requested a recount and got it because if he didn’t, the dogs of war were ready. The PPPC requested a recount and was denied but they resorted through the courts in a legal way. That’s the difference between a responsible political party and the other which is associated with criminality and violence.
    If GECOM has nothing to hide, the election was free and fair and free from fear, then why refuse to do so? ”Tom ah rass but TOM nah fool”

  4. Mr Mervin, The Chief Elections Officer was cornered into admitting that there were FALSE Statements of Polls. Or is that a figment of my imagination ? How the hell did that pass through the system ? Who printed them ? Who filled them out ? Whose signatures appear on them ? What did he do with them ? Under whose guidance did the Chief Elections Officer eliminate those false documents ? Where are those false documents now ? Is it criminal ? Who are the possible criminals ? Have the International Observers revisited the consequences of the findings and actions of the Chief Elections Officer ? These are only starters…. it will evolve from this…

  5. A fool is a fool whether he wins or looses an election. So, if the APNU-AFC alliance was able to “rig” elections while in opposition, how about now that they are in government? Two, if GECOM “rigged” elections then for APNU-AFC by “subtracting” and adding PPP votes to the coalition in such a tight and short time, how about NOW more so when they’ve been taken to court?

  6. “What de bird”actually look who is crying foul the ppp/c if the y can give account for the 456 persons that was killed under there watch ,read USDA report what a shame

  7. Hoyte had a recount and the PPP ended up getting more votes. The PPP is entitled to a recount as well. Who knows the APNU/AFC might get more too but let’s not deny the recount.

  8. The PPP can’t Prove a thing you see the PNC is the best Political Party in the world
    better than USA,UK, France, Canada, they have been around since before Rome and


  10. I sincerely hope that the AFC / APNU (PNC) begin to take a reality check !
    The ABC “Mediators” may well be advised to invoke and articulate a back up plan now…. the PPP and PPP/C has not fallen for the bait to be an active participant to an obviously rigged process and influenced to therefore occupy those seats in that section of the House ! The luring and begging to go to Parliament is too obvious now. Even Harmon is anxiously pressing that case ! Why want them they are all corrupt individuals…? What can they contribute ? They are plain foolishly so corrupt that they have private accounts for public funds. They can’t manage the economy. They have the IFI under some tyope of spell and lying for them. Just being Nah !!! facetious !
    The so called 43.9 % must be having a breath fresh air and they may very well turnout to be 51% sooner than later ! …. Ram and Goolsaran haven’t uncovered anything yet…the young Magistrate in Berbice may be harder pressed now to give credence to charges on Former President Jagdeo to disqualify him from hold public office and the authors of the corruption description stratagem against the PPP/C Government may start losing sleep ! I hope this type of sleeplessness doesn’t result in pushing Guyana over the precipice. Lastly, I hope there is an adequate number of overt and covert CCTV cameras focused on the storage place for those ballots to be recounted… never know ! After all PPP ain’t running things now !!!! if we can have the February jail break ! If we can have Buxton as ground zero ! if we can have Lusignan ! If we can have Agricola ! If we can have Linden ! If we can have Bartica ! Nothing can be ruled out now …. Blackie, Crum Ewing are national heroes ! Hamilton Green has a national award ! What next ?

  11. How can the PPP prove in court a person voted multiple times?
    How can the PPP prove that a person who was not a registered voter was allowed to vote?
    How can the PPP prove in court that ballot boxes were not sealed?
    How can the PPP prove in court that the system used to co-mingle Disciplined Services members votes with regular voters’ votes was compromised?
    If these questions are the bases of the petition, then pro-PPP Chief Justice will be truly exposing his bias against the law and commonsense. Thankfully there is a Court of Appeal and the CCJ for Gecom to save itself from Guyana’s whacked out court.


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