“Cheap publicity, shameless” – Chand responds to Nagamootoo

President of GAWU, Komal Chand

By Jomo Paul

President of the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) Komal Chand
President of the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) Komal Chand

[www.inewsguyana.com] – President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), Komal Chand is not taking too lightly recent criticisms meted out to him and GAWU by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, noting that the Prime Minister pulled off a “cheap publicity stunt.”

At the Enmore Martyrs Day event on Tuesday, Prime Minister Nagamootoo vehemently criticized GAWU over the stance it has taken on many issues over the years.

He recalled that in 2011 when the then People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government threatened to dissolve the unions in Guyana, he was the only person to stand up in defence of the unions in the presence of the GAWU President, whom he said did nothing to oppose the move by the PPP.

However, during an interview with iNews, GAWU’s President detailed that the Prime Minister’s accounts of the events surrounding the issue are not exactly factual.

“I am not surprised…just to gain cheap publicity…we will always stand up on issues that we feel strong about and issues that have far reaching effects on our workers,” Chand told iNews.

According to the GAWU head, the meeting that Nagamootoo made reference to was held at the same that the GAWU had an emergency council meeting; hence he was unable to attend the forum.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

“To try to diminish GAWU at this point in time, they are not on good ground,” said Chand adding that Nagamootoo’s remarks were “shameless.”

When asked about his absence from the Enmore Martyrs commemoration service, Chand responded that “Our union decided that Aslim Singh will go…it is our democratic right to decide who will go…it is fitting that GAWU goes.”



  1. Nagamootoo need to drop the bitterness from his post-Jagan PPP days and focus on moving the country forward in a fair and impartial manner..He has to be a role model as the PM , and perhaps the most experienced politician within the APNU/AFC coalition.

  2. Mr Chand attended the PPPC led commemoration the previous day. Mr Chand, you represent over 16, 000 workers, this means you need to be A political and work with who ever the leader of the day is, grow up and support your country and not party. If the sugar industry is no more, blaming and pouting with the P’s will not help our families. Country First

  3. Komal led GAWU has lost its relevance over the last 23 yrs. Both Komal and Seepaul are political animals denned up with the PPP.
    While i respect their constitutional right to align with a party of their choice they have shamelessly allow the Govt to ride roughshod over the union.
    They have been silent when the Government played politics and removed so many experienced managers in the Sugar Belt they have aligned and protected some managers it was felt.
    Can Komal honestly say that he approved of Raj Singh bringing on a number of Indians at the expense of seasoned managers in the sugar belt.
    Can he say honestly that he was not aware of the ppp plot through NICIL chairman to set the price of power sold to GPL and Guysuco had absolutely no say what soever.
    Can he honestly say that he was satisfied with the performance of the industry under Raj Singh Dr.
    Komal and seepeaul seems that they have monopoly over GAWU.Have they ever been challenged by anyone for leader ship ? Ask DJ Sokuhu?
    GAWU needs to start getting its act together or risk been completely irrelevant as we have seen with the MPCA. Every knock got a Knock back.Finally can Komal say that he wast aware that no monies were transferred to the credit union for six months and he said nothing. His membership should vote him out.


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