Update: Chase-Green re-elected Mayor of Georgetown, as vendors protest support for Duncan

Chase-Green re-elected as Mayor

…who withdrew from the race

A small number of vendors stood holding placards in front of City Hall in support of the Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan as the elections for the Mayor of Georgetown kicked off today.
The two candidates that were gunning for the position of Georgetown Mayor was Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan and incumbent Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green.
However, during the special meeting held at the City Hall, only one candidate was announced, which was Patricia Chase-Green. As such, she was re-elected as the Mayor of Georgetown for another year.
Chase-Green re-elected as Mayor
Chase-Green re-elected as Mayor

Selection not election

Duncan who withdrew from the race, cited on his Facebook page that the entire process was a ‘selection’ and not an ‘election’.

Duncan withdrew from the race
Duncan withdrew from the race

According to Ducan “in the last few days the local government process has been tainted with ministerial intervention and it is my belief that Councillors have been coerced to give their support in a particular direction to maintain the status quo; undermining the democratic process…this and the use of municipal resources to campaign for the incumbent does not auger well for our local democracy, and presents an unleveled playing field; a selection of Mayor and not an election.”

Duncan attributed these factors as the mitigating reasons for his withdrawal from the candidacy of Mayor for Georgetown.

Duncan also noted that he will not be contending for the position of Deputy Mayor as this position “requires someone more in tuned with the incumbent Mayor’s thinking and work ethic.”

He said in his post that “serving the Municipality of Georgetown as Deputy Mayor has been a rewarding experience for me and an education. I have enjoyed the support of Councillors across the political divide, the Coalition Government’s confidence,…I look forward to continue representing the residents of Constituency 14 South Ruimveldt / Ruimveldt Industrial Estate as their Councillor.”

‘Honesty’ and ‘Integrity’

President of the Guyana Market Vendors Union (GMVU), Eon Andrews told Inews that he supported Duncan since he (Andrews) is of the view that the present Deputy Mayor holds a vision for the city.
“Chase-Green only concerned about touring and bringing back initiatives that would negatively affect Guyanese, like the Parking Meters,” he said.
The vice president of the GMVU, Carol Carter, also told this online publication that they wanted present Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green out because she was only “oppressing the vendors.” She also reiterated that Chase-Green held no vision for the vendors of the city.
Other vendors related that it was their opinion that Duncan was more people friendly and seemed to listen to the cries of the vendors. They further described Duncan as a man of “integrity” and “honesty”.

The position of the new Deputy Mayor will now be filled by Councillor Lionel Jaikarran, who is also the President of the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC), after he secured the majority of votes for that position from his fellow Councillors.

    Lionel Jaikarran was elected Deputy Mayor
Lionel Jaikarran was elected Deputy Mayor


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