Cattle farmer shot at while attempting to retrieve cows


Police in Berbice are investigating an incident whereby a cattle farmer came under gunfire while attempting to retrieve his cows.

The incident occurred sometime around 16:30h at Duck Creek, Corentyne River on Friday.

It was reported that the 52-year-old farmer, Ram Nermal, was rounding up his cattle when he observed six of them were missing – one brown bull, two brown heifers and three dark brown heifers all of which are branded 37/EGR.

As a result, he proceeded to make checks around the area during which he observed that the said animals were locked inside the yard of a male who is known to him.

He then called out to the man and asked him why he locked his animals inside his yard. However, the man began to verbally abuse Nermal and told him not to enter his yard. But the farmer ignored the order and entered the yard to retrieve his animals and as he passed through the gate, the man came to the door armed with a black shotgun and discharged one round.

Nermal did not receive any injury but he became fearful for his life and ran away. The matter was later reported.

Investigations are ongoing as the suspect is yet to be apprehended.