Carifesta X expenses tagged at $1 Billion

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By Jomo Paul

Jailpaul Sharma
Jailpaul Sharma

[] – Junior Finance Minister Jaipaul Sharma has revealed that Guyana had spent close to $1B to host Carifesta X and not the sum of $500M as was previously reported.

Sharma made the declaration while speaking to reporters on Tuesday where he disclosed that the financial records are not intact.

The Minister pointed out that the absence of records is a direct contravention to the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act which stipulates that companies keep records for seven years.

Sharma revealed that investigation thus far has revealed that close to 1B was spent to host the event, however that is not all of the monies that was used.

He said those findings are inconclusive since there was more spending but no records to show where the money went.

“Basically, with CARIFESTA and other activities that was over a period of time, like six years. There was a difficulty in obtaining records – the records were damaged and so forth,” said Sharma.

The CEO of Carifesta X was People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament Nigel Dharamlall.

When contacted, Dharamlall told iNews that when Carifesta X was completed, he did a final report and all of the records were sent to the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

“The financial management of Carifesta X was conducted directly thru the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport,” he stated.

Asked about the monies spent on Carifesta, the MP stated that “I had no control over spending. It was done by Permanent Secretary Keith Booker…. Even procurement was done through the ministry.”

Dharamlall pointed out too that when the forensic auditor spoke to him, he was only asked about the procurement of the stage.

“He didn’t mention anything about records.”


  1. Lioness is an idiot.what good have ganger did since he took office?It is clear he dont know what direction he is going.

  2. Sharma 1 Billion is nothing comparing to the 66 million you spent on 80 persons to represent Guyana at Carifesta Hati last month for 6 days you idiot, make a comparison and see which is greater you dunce mud head jackass

  3. Oh shut idiot (lioness). Since this defacto Government took office the economy has slowed down. Business activities aren’t trending upwards. There is no confidence in this defacto Government. So get your facts in order before your “CLEAR THE WAY GUYANA COMING BACK” statement slam you in your rear end.

  4. Are you so intelligent and confident in the position that you are defending that you must call the government names. You should have used the N as you intended, but you are nameless, faceless and a RACIST, in addition to being a meek coward where ever you reside. When you see the riggers you smile – wha happen boi. R u prepared for the truth about leaders in Guyana from all parties or does it make you and your kind feel good to be nasty. Can’t you see whats happening all around you “CLEAR THE WAY GUYANA COMING BACK” (Dave Martin). The republicans in the states were determined to see Obama fail but for a just cause David did/will slew Goliath. Country First

  5. Mr. Sharma stop the witch hunting. Cannot wait for the APNU to kick u out. You are a stooge being used to find dirt that is non existent. It is obvious you do not know what you are doing. Here is why you sound like a babbling idiot – you cannot find the files or report but yet still you claim that 1 billion dollars were spent and not 500 million. With no files or reports how did you come up with that 1 million dollar figure?

  6. Sharma seems to be worse than his father in terms of arrogance and ignorance.
    These riggers are busy squandering the wealth that was built up by the PPP.
    No productiveness by the PNC.
    Once the treasury is empty, “kick down the door door” will start again.


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