Car wash bays in Georgetown to be ‘regularized’ says City Council


“The increasing number of wash bays appearing in the various parts of the city, damages done to parapets, drains, increase in the cost of maintenance as a result of the sand and other materials washed into the waterways, and the inconvenience and discomfort to neighbours in communities where such activities are occurring, on a daily basis” were some of the reasons articulated by the Mayor and City Council for wanting to “regularize” the proliferating car wash business in Georgetown.

The City Council says that it will be meeting with all owners and operators of car wash bays operating within the city of Georgetown “to bring them in line with the required standards of the city as stipulated in the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01.”

According to the Council “those owners and operators, who meet the requirements determined by the Council will be inspected and regularized while those, who fall short of those standards will not be permitted to operate within the city.”

This meeting has been fixed for Wednesday February 1, 2017, at 10:00hrs in the Council’s Chambers with the Town Clerk and other relevant agencies and according to the Council all owners and operators of wash bays “must attend this meeting armed with information on their identification, location, and type of equipment used in such operations.”



  1. Yes it’s about time this nonsense is stopped anybody can just buy a noisy engine pressure washer and just opening a car wash in between people homes cursing car alarms going off loud music playing in the cars loud morning after conversations by car owners waiting, arguments by the most times very young workers the pay no taxes no nis from Sunday to Sunday and holidays as early as 530 am the start their torment of peaceful citizens who need their rest in their homes and your pleas fall on deaf ears I do hope the city council is dead serious about this nuisance to citizens of Georgetown who just want some piece and quiet in their homes .

  2. Good idea however this just means that those who will be inspecting will be asking for bribes from the Wash Bay owners to allow them to remain open. So unfortunately this move will benefit no one but ‘Inspectors’.


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