Car mysteriously disappears from ‘D’ Field Sophia

The stolen AT 192 motor car
The stolen AT 192 motor car

A Grey Toyota AT 192 motorcar bearing registration number PJJ 2078 mysteriously disappeared on Sunday morning while it was parked at D Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown. The car belongs to Rocky Salikram of Cummings Street, Georgetown but it was attached to the ‘End to End’ Taxi Service at Louisa Row.

Based on reports received, the driver of the car went home at about 00:00h, parked the car in front of his house and retired to bed. However, when he woke up at about 6:00h, the car nowhere around.

The stolen car

He immediately made a report to the Turkeyen Police Station and a statement was taken.

Nevertheless, the owner of the vehicle along with family members were looking for the car since it was reported missing but they have come up empty handed up to the time of this post.

Anyone with information that can lead to the recovery of the motorcar are asked to contact the owner on telephone number, 622 7762 or his brother, Asif Mohamed on 613-5041.




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