Canje labourer crushed by molasses truck

Keyno Akeem Sinclair

A 24-year-old labourer was on Sunday morning crushed by a truck transporting molasses along the Cumberland Public Road, Canje Berbice.

Dead is Dead is Keyno Akeem Sinclair of Lot 136 West Canefield, East Canje.

Keyno Akeem Sinclair

Based on information received, the now dead man might have been heading home in the wee hours of Monday when he was struck down by a truck.

He was last seen at a wake in the village. However, after the accident, the driver did not stop to offer assistance but was reportedly caught washing the blood off the vehicle shortly after.

The driver was arrested and taken to the crime scene as police continue their investigations. He claimed that he was not aware that he had struck down some.







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