Campaign launched to sensitise motorists on use of Kitty roundabout


The Public Infrastructure Ministry has embarked on a sensitisation campaign to educate motorist on the correct use of the Kitty roundabout, which according to the Ministry will be completed soon.

The Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Desilon Daniels on Thursday, underscored the importance of properly educating the public about the correct manner in which the roundabout is to be used.

“Currently, we’re creating an animation that will outline the movements…We also have an e-brochure up right now that are showing the movements and these will also be printed. We’ve been in contact with the Guyana Police Force, we’ve been in contact with the Road Safety Council and we’re partnering with all the stake holders to get these information out to members of the public on how they could use the roundabout and how they can benefit from it in a most optimum way,” she said.

Meanwhile, Project Engineer, Sherod Parkinson updated the media on the project during a press conference, saying that it is near completion with only a few finishing touches to be done.

“The work started on time. It was executed in a manner above what you would call norm in Guyana and because of the diligence of the contractor and the fact that we committed the resources necessary to the project, we were able to get the project completed a month and a half before schedule,” he explained.

Explaining the rationale behind replacing the intersection with a roundabout, WSG Design Engineer Imran Baksh said that “there are less collision points associated with the roundabout as opposed to a normal intersection. It also allows you for reduced delay because you wouldn’t have to stop at the intersection.

“For instance, if you’re at an intersection and you want to make a turn, you would actually have to obey the traffic light until it allows you to turn even though there is no traffic coming in any direction that would actually stop you from making the turn. As a result of reducing delays, it reduces travel time and also fuel consumption,” he said.

The $78.9M project was awarded to local firm, S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Constructing Services.



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