CAL recognizes Guyana as key market partner; promises affordable prices


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Trinidad based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is high on hopes to become more integrated in the local business community and generally developing closer ties with Guyana in the coming months.
This announcement was made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Phillip Marshall at a Customer Appreciation Ceremony held in Guyana on Wednesday, February 12.
According to Marshall, Guyana remains a key market partner, adding that the Airlines’ future is exorbitantly linked to its prospects in Guyana. “Caribbean Airlines is committed to providing improved services” Marshall told the gathering.
He has given his committed as Chairman to ensure that CAL meets the local travel needs with affordable market prices. The Chairman said the support from the Government of Guyana (GOG) has been extraordinary and extended appreciation in that regard. “They chastised us when there was the need to and guided us when it was necessary.”
In December 2012 the Government of Guyana accorded Caribbean Airlines flag carrier status, while in 2013 the Airline saw the removal of its fuel subsidy from the Trinidadian Government which many said had allowed the regional airline to compete unfairly.
Marshall provided statistics which showed that CAL flights in and out of Guyana have been extraordinarily prosperous in 2013 and said he hopes that business will continue in the same vein.
Meanwhile, Guyana’s Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali, who was also present at the Ceremony called for equity in the treatment meted out to Guyanese passengers, especially since there is little difference between the Airlines’ business in Trinidad and Guyana.
He said CAL is now the largest and most reliable airline in the Region and posited that equity must be consistent.
Ali says he will hold CAL to its promises on delivering affordable market prices.



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