Cabinet still to formally discuss No – Confidence motion – Dr Luncheon

The Donald Ramotar administration.


By Kurt Campbell

The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.

[] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon says the administration is yet to have a formal discussion on the pending No – Confidence motion the Opposition intends to bring against the Donald Ramotar led administration, despite the Party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee announcing earlier in the week that the administration was prepared for any eventuality.

Dr. Luncheon observed that the Oppositions seems to be shifting the goal post in relation to the Motion and says the administration now awaits the ruling from the Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman on the motion’s acceptability.

The Cabinet Secretary speculated that because of the “swirling view” in the daily media from opposition politicians, Cabinet would prefer to do a substantial review after a compilation of all the views.

“Every day there are new positions, different aspects are being explored. I suspect this is why a formal discussion has not taken place at the Cabinet level,” he added.

Last week Dr. Luncheon had promised that the Cabinet would discuss the motion this week. To this end he explained “What started out as a no confidence motion has morphed into several possibilities… I am not even sure that indeed there is some consolidated view on what this is about.”

The Alliance for Change has already submitted the Motion to the Clerk of the National Assembly who is expected, after review, to forward the document to the Speaker.

It is not likely the motion will be debated until the end of the current two months recess on October 10, 2014.

According to Guyana’s constitution, the President and the Cabinet must resign with immediate effect, if the motion is passed in the National Assembly.

Once this is done, the Government has three months to remain in office and prepare for elections. President Donald Ramotar has already expressed his readiness for elections if the motion is passed.




  1. whats there to discuss? like pppc dont know LGE and No Confidence is just a plot against PPPC? PPPC does not have the personnel with guts and belly to go into PNC stronghold villages to verify their claims of 78,000 new people registered with GECOM just waiting to VOTE now.. it looks like PPPC time ran out..with GECOM new man AFC Vishnu Persaud debunking PPPC claim knowing that PPPC got no security on its side….so GECOM is now added to the list of of opposition to PPPC along with UK US SN KN Red Thread PNC AFC Police GDF…The opposition lies are taking its toll on PPPC…PPPC and their supporters cant do a thing about it so 30% will rule 70% again…Should this happen there will be no more elections in Guyana..


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