Cabinet approves over $40M for generators to Mahdia, expected to ease power woes


By Kurt Campbell

Mahdia-power-2[] – Cabinet has approved $49 Million for the supply of generators to the Mahdia, Port Kaituma Power System.

This gesture is expected to ease the current power woes of residents in that area which ranges from low voltage to limited supply of electricity.

Residents had expressed frustration over the rationing of electricity from 12 to 24 hours by the Mahdia Power and Light (MPL). Among the difficulties resulting from this is the inability to store meat, fish and other produce that require refrigeration, students being forced to complete studies and home-assignments by candlelight, along with the limited access to computers and the internet.

The business community had also claimed that it was being severely affected since it is forced to find an additional source of electricity to preserve perishable goods.

An appeal for a new generator was made by MLP Chairman David Adams during a recent outreach led by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds in the community. Currently a large engine is being used at the substation.

The Alliance for change (AFC) had also accused the Government of withholding subvention to the MPL.



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