Businessman trades bullets with bandits to prevent brazen daytime robbery


A businessman managed to foil a brazen daytime robbery after trading bullets with three armed bandits who attacked his wife at their Front Road, West Ruimveldt shop on Thursday.

The coupled stated that one of the three gunmen at approximately 11:00h approached the shop under the pretext of purchasing propane gas.

Businessman Ravi Totaram explained that he was in another room at the time of the attack.

robbery“I been in de kitchen and de wife open fo sell and he [the bandit] just rush she, choke she…I was looking at a bird and she holler: ‘Ravi!’ so I draw me weapon and when I look up…he start back off but I see two others outside…I shoot a couple of shots and they fire off couple shots too but nobody here was injured,” Totaram noted, pointing out that he is a licensed firearm owner.

Totaram’s wife Faresha Khan who was still visibly shaken by the ordeal, managed to recall what happened:

“I told him $3300 for the gas and he had his money in his hand and when I open de gate, he rushed me and squeezed my neck and he (Totaram) pull a gun and start firing.”

The woman further explained that this prevented the bandits from being successful in their attempted theft. The couple said this was the first time a robbery attempt was made on their premises. The business has been in operation for over 30 years.

Residents in the area explained that they were alarmed by the gunfire and were fearful for their safety, especially that of their children, who are home from school and would normally play on the streets.

A male resident, visibly annoyed, called for more police presence in the area.


Investigations are continuing.






  1. Great job,but I would have felt better reading you got all 3 of them.stand up and take the fight to these lazy cockroache criminals,,best wishes to you Mr Totaram and keep your family safe,


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