Businesses get double data on GTT’s postpaid mobile plans

GTT CEO, Justin Nedd

GTT customers who use their ‘business postpaid mobile plans’, now have double the data to enable them to do more of their work and entertainment on the go, at no additional cost.  

This gesture is part of GTT’s ongoing drive to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their connectivity, as Guyana’s economy becomes more digital and online. 

“This is a big win for our customers and part of our commitment to give our corporate customers what they need to grow their businesses. These customers can now access our LTE network 24/7 and now have 100% more data available to them to manage and maintain their day to day productivity levels,” said Vice President of Sales at GTT, Eshwar Thakurdin. 

Thakurdin explained that the ongoing offer of double data, is being made to both new and existing business customers on all business postpaid mobile plans offered by GTT.  

If your organisation would like to benefit from more data to enable work on the go visit Double Data for Mobile Postpaid Services for Businesses . [Press Release]