Business owners counting their losses as firefighters remain on scene at Sharon’s Mall


In the aftermath of a devastating fire that ravaged the popular Sharon’s Mall located on King and Charlotte Streets, Georgetown, business owners have flocked the shopping complex in a desperate bid to assess their losses.

Yesterday, a small fire spiraled out of control, completely destroying the Sharon’s Mall which housed several businesses.

Today, many proprietors returned to the scene. Many were unable to salvage anything and their total estimated losses are in the millions.

Firefighters are also still on the scene as smoke continues to emanate from the second floor.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in a statement today, said a detailed fire report will ultimately determine the true cause of the fire and loss of the building.

The Ministry further noted the need for the installation of smoke detectors, fire alarms, extinguishers and other fire appliances.

“Importantly, for buildings over two (2) stories high, the Ministry again wishes to advise of the need for Riser Mains with hoses and Fire Sprinkler Systems to be installed.

“Building inspections for electrical and fire safety compliance are mandatory for such buildings and must be diligently pursued,” the Ministry said.