Burnt car with human remains found at Swan

The burnt car

A burnt Audi motorcar with human remains inside were discovered at Swan Backdam, Soesdyke/Linden Highway on Sunday evening.

The registration number and colour of the burnt car were not immediately known but the police are conducting their investigation.

According to reports received, a passerby saw the car on fire and immediately contacted the Timehri Police Station and reported the matter. The caller also related that someone was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle at the time.

As such, police ranks rushed to the scene where they observed the motorcar parked in a clump of bushes with the driver’s door open and what appeared to be bones and a skull of a human on the driver’s seat.

The area where the car was found had no houses and more so, the place was extremely dark hence, detectives who arrived at the scene could not gather much information.

The scene was also visited by fire officials but due to the location, the fire tender could not have reached the area where the car was parked.

Investigations are ongoing.