Bulkan, King no-show in court


Parking meter challenge

High Court Judge Brassington Reynolds has given Town Clerk, Royston King and Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan two weeks to file and serve affidavits in response to proceedings filed by New Building Society (NBS).

NBS filed a legal challenge last week against the City’s Parking Meter By-laws, which according to court documents, are illegal. As such, Justice Reynolds had ordered that Bulkan show cause why his decision to approve the By-laws should not be quashed.

In court on Monday, Bulkan and King were both no-shows. However, Attorney Roger Yearwood, who is representing the Town Clerk, filed an ex-parte application to discharge the Order Nisi made by the court on February 8. However, that application was refused by Justice Reynolds.

Also in court on Monday, Attorney Yearwood sought permission to have the matter stood down until he files an ex-parte application, but this was vehemently objected to by NBS Attorney Pauline Chase.

After much heated submissions by Chase and Yearwood, Justice Reynolds suggested that the parties, in the interest of time, consolidate their applications. He pointed out to the parties that although there is “politics” involved, the good sense must prevail in a court of law. The case was adjourned to March 6.Bulkan, in January, signed-off the By-laws to govern the much controversial Parking Meter Project.

Despite immense public outcry, parking meters have been established throughout the capital city.

After a court halt, the Mayor and City Council restarted paid parking in the capital city on Monday.

When questioned about this decision to restart the project in light of the pending court action, the Mayor explained that legal advice was sought on the matter. “My understanding of the matter before the court is one that doesn’t stop us; there’s not an injunction that stops us from operating,” she posited. (Guyana Times)



  1. City Hall is cash strapped, so the Mayor and TC said.
    Where will the find money to pay two attorneys at law??????????


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