Budget 2014 caters to personal prosperity of all citizens – Edghill

Juan Edghill.


By Kurt Campbell

Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill.
Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Junior Finance Minister has defended at length Guyana’s economic growth and the 2014 Budget prepared in part by him and presented by his senior Dr. Ashni Singh.

He said the fact is that Guyana has become the envy of its CARCICOM sister states, adding that this cannot be refuted. 

“Guyana recorded eight consecutive years of uninterrupted economic growth… this result is not a fluke, it is because of prudent fiscal management, responsible decision making and sensible thinking,” Edghill told the House. 

He expressed the view that budget 2014 was designed to unlock the potential of all people, adding that it is geared towards  the creation of employment, business opportunity and preparing people to take advantage of these opportunities.

He told the House that the budget ensures the collective wellbeing of all citizens as he pointed to certain measures in the document to support his statement.

“It is far easier for people to own their own homes; more people are driving than they ever did before … we are well on the way to achieving universal secondary education.”

The Minister went on to remind the House of the provision to deal with solid waste, monies for school children and provisions for the elderly including increase in pensions.

Edghill boasted of increased revenue collections, low inflation rate, remarkable consumption levels and more money being in the hands of ordinary people.

“We are seeing bigger budgets because we are doing better.”

The PPP MP said the administration will be moving to strengthen public procurement to ensure value for money.

Turning his attention to development in the hinterland, Edghill told the House that there has been no deprivation in this regard, adding that development in incremental.

The Minister also defended the allocation to the National Communications Network and the Government Information Agency which the Opposition has hinted their intention to disapprove funding on the grounds that it only serves the government.

Edghill commended the budget to the House and call on all to support. “Let us rise to the occasion and do what is right, let us support budget 2014.”



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