Broomes using “TIP as disguise to target prostitution” – Sex Work advocate

The alleged victims boarding a boat at the Bartica Stelling for their journey to Georgetown

By Jomo Paul

Kinesha Thom
Kinesha Thom

[] – Kinesha Thom, a member of the Guyana Sex Workers Coalition (GSWC) and an advocate for the rights of sex workers, is not at all happy by the recent Trafficking in Persons (TIP) sweep conducted by Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Simona Broomes.

Twenty nine non-nationals were apprehended in Bartica, Region Seven following an exercise carried out by Broomes and a team of officers from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit (TIP) and the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) on Sunday. The alleged perpetrators had the victims’ passports in their possession.

However, Thom is not convinced that the women were being held forcefully and says that Broomes is targeting prostitution instead of TIP.

“The case/findings/report has nothing to do with TIP. Ms. Broomes was obviously after prostitution and has TIP confused with sex work,” said Thom.

The sex advocate said that Broomes is using “TIP as a disguise to target prostitution…if you read the report there is no case of TIP.”

Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Simona Broomes.
Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Simona Broomes.

She however acknowledge that that “soliciting sex” is illegal in Guyana while pointing out that the persons should have been charged with prostitution instead.

“I think she is using this as an opportunity to continue her work as a person who is recognized for TIP…the headline didn’t say what they were caught doing and did she catch all 29 of them doing sex work?” questioned Thom.

Attempts made by iNews to secure a comment from Broomes proved futile however Broomes was quoted in one section of the media saying that persons are in denial over the incident.

“Many persons are saying that Miss Broomes don’t know what is prostitution from human trafficking but I think what is happening is that there is a state of denial by the Guyanese people because of the previous administration. The raid in Bartica was a TIP raid and we have evidence to that effect, persons from the bar were not in control or possession of their passport and that is not a good sign, how the bar was situated, the amount of pimps at the bar and all of that was evidence…I will not be Minister of lies and I am not confusing TIP with prostitution,” Broomes is quoted as saying.

She made it clear that prostitution is a human rights issue; something she would not seek to venture into at this point in time.



  1. Do some of you guys listen to yourselves?How can prostitution benefit anyone?If they want to sell “sex” let them do it under lock and key.But no one wants to see men or women on the corner hustling.As Guyanese we should hold ourselves to higher standards!!!

  2. This lady acts like the John Wayne character. Go in with blazing guns and get them out without regards for the consequences. The only differences are that she goes in with the hard hat and a couple of cops by her side.With hands on her hips, eyes moving from left to right under the hat, as if she is looking at a tennis match, she lets loose her anger and makes on the spot decisions: You are fired! I have to take you in! Pack your bags!
    Does she have the personality of being a minister whether junior or senior? NO WAY!!!!
    Arrogance, vindictiveness, disrespect are just three little descriptive words under which she falls. I can foresee she doesn’t have long to last as a minister, so let her enjoy her power while it lasts.

  3. Respective country. These victims. Would not victimized again. They are not ‘there’. Reassured. guaranteed. Their. Priya Manickchand was obviously a failure.

  4. You sound like you deh pon drugs. Go to Broomes, she may be able to arrange your rehabilitation.

  5. Enact Legislation To Make Prostitution Legal In Guyana.

    Prostitution done Openly or Covertly is a part of every culture on this planet. So get use to it fellow Guyanese.

    As far as I am aware, we do not have any known or explicit “Red Light District” where such trading takes place in Guyana.

    Therefore, in the interest of this cultural reality, and national health concerns. Such individuals MUST be encouraged to seek regular health checks, as Self Identified Sex Workers. Both male and female.

    Legislation MUST be enacted to allow for this recognition and Health Care concern.

    And fine anyone who does not comply, or operates without the official recognition and legality

  6. Your issue is not on the topic,you are just trying to do more damage control for the criminal X government,if i can even call them Government, you and many like you lived and enjoyed the strip clubs and the Drugs,the looting of the state funds etc, Your lawless way of life has come to an end, all the Minister is doing is looking out for others. I am very sure had it been strippers and prostitutes from INDIA and not the slaves for columbia brazil or Africa you lawless fools would not be blowing our stolen money on them, put your sister,wife,daughter or and family to live under the roof those women lived and you would be shouting a different tune, LAWLESSNESS Will not be tolerated. The DRUGS,RUA,MURDERs of so many family members must be stopped, the LAW has been around FOREVER and get use to it, your lawless idols are out of control so the new SHERIFF is going to drop the hammer very soon,,,start going to church and living as Guyanese, 1 ppl 1 nation,

  7. if it is human trafficking as ms. brooms state why make the victims pay 30,000 fine to the court they would need assistance in getting there lives together and not being deported. how do we know that if return to there respected country that these victium would not be victimize again. if there not going to be hurt by these so called person who traffic them here? how can these victim be re-assure that there safety is guarantee once return in there respected country?

  8. Ms. Thom…like you ain’t realise these illegal prostitutes bad for your business…..i think you need to meet with your board to discuss these matters before issuing asinine statements.

  9. I am in total support with Kinesha Thom. This so called Minister is just trying to fool the public, trying to appear that they are here to clean up by portraying herself a TIP “czar”. This “Minister’ ought not to be out there rounding up people like this. This is the second case which highlights that Broomes is totally confused about her role as a Minister. When Granger starts his Training College for public servants, I suggest he enroll all his Junior Ministers and some senior ones. The 29 people that were rounded up were not treated fairly and I encourage them to challenge the Minister in Court. If these are indeed foreigners, some may have overstayed their time, that is a matter for the police.

    Prostitutes have rights and they provide a service. This may be illegal in Guyana but it has been around forever, anywhere where money is circulated and in any city. Broomes must stop being stupid, because, it may not be the profession of choice by many, but the prostitutes were /are / will always be there. Look at the social issues and try to help these people live a better and safer life. That is your job.

    I applaud Kinesha Thom for standing up to this defacto Minister. Whoever you are and whatever you do is not my concern. What I do know is, you are intelligent and you are fighting for a cause and your rights.


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