Broomes, bodyguard granted bail

Simona Broomes
Simona Broomes

Controversial political figure Simona Broomes and her bodyguard Dexter Austin earlier today (Monday) appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly to answer a number of charges after which they were both placed on bail.

Broomes, a former junior minister under the APNU/AFC Coalition government, was charged for assault while her bodyguard was charged for discharging a loaded firearm.

Both of the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Reports are that two men removed a “no fishing” sign from the parapet in front Broomes’ yard.

Broomes, who has been embroiled in several controversies during her brief ministerial stint, reportedly decided to pursue the duo who were already leaving in a motorcar.

In the process, Broomes began making false allegations about what had transpired via a live Facebook stream.

The bodyguard with the firearm

During the process, Broomes’ bodyguard discharged a loaded firearm in the direction of the men.

Eventually, whilst in Sophia, Greater Georgetown, Broomes and some armed associates reportedly confronted the two men and assaulted them.

The matter was reported to the police. While Broomes was released on self-bail, her bodyguard was reportedly placed in custody and his weapon lodged.

The matter will continue on August 31, 2020.

In 2018, Broomes was embroiled in what is now popularly known as the “parking lot scandal” where she and her driver were involved in an altercation with two security guards who were on duty at the building which houses the New Thriving Restaurant at Providence, East Bank Demerara.

The security guards were subsequently arrested after it was alleged they pointed a gun at the then minister and behaved in a threatening manner.

But security footage of what transpired contradicted the Broomes’ allegations and in fact revealed that she and her driver aggressively attempted to remove “no parking signs” to facilitate her vehicle.

The security officers were later released.