Brooklyn family allegedly locks baby in safe at Niagara Falls hotel

The safe where the baby was kept.
The safe where the baby was kept.
The safe where the baby was kept.

[New York Daily News] – Canadian police are looking for a Brooklyn family who locked their infant in a safe at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Niagara Falls, officials said.

A maintenance worker was called to the room on Tuesday morning and was met by the panicked parents, who gave no explanation as to how the baby ended up locked inside the cramped box – which was less than 20 inches wide and about a foot tall, according to CBC News.

The employee managed to free the baby, who was alert and crying. He handed the child over to the parents, who quickly checked out of the hotel before police were called. “There is no information on how the baby ended up locked in the safe,” the Niagara Regional Police Service said in a statement. “Police wish to locate the family to ascertain the welfare of the child.”

The family was traveling in a grey 2015 Ford passenger van with New Jersey plates, officials said. Their names were not immediately disclosed.

Border patrols have been alerted, but the van had not returned to the U.S. as of late Tuesday night. Hotel employees said the family kept to themselves and didn’t mention if they were on vacation. All they know was that the family was from Brooklyn.

“We don’t know where they are staying or where they’re going,” a hotel staffer told CBC News. “But there is nothing to suggest that this was more than an accident right now.”



  1. Ask the baby’s little brother or sister, they know.Extreme hide and seek? I am glad it all ended without harm to the baby, who quite rightly was very upset


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