Jagdeo returns to PPP/C list of Candidates

Representative of the PPP List President Donald Ramotar presenting the list to GECOM's Keith Lowenfield
Representative of the PPP List President Donald Ramotar presenting the list to GECOM’s Keith Lowenfield

[www.inewsguyana.com] -The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) moments ago presented its list of candidates to the Chief Elections Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission Keith Lowenfield at City Hall Georgetown, for the upcoming May 11, 2015 Regional and General Elections.

One of the biggest surprise,  is the inclusion of former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo as a candidate for the Party.

Jagdeo had on previous occasions indicated a lack of interest in returning on the Party’s list after demitting office in 2011.

‎He has however had a change of heart owing to the demands of party supporters.

Explaining his decision to return on the PPP/C list ​Jagdeo said “it was not my original decision to be on list of candidates. But party and membership convinced me to be part of the list of candidates as it would send the signal that I’m fully engaged in the struggle, which I am”.



  1. The government is talking about the militarization of the opposition every guyanese got a a right to run for political office jagdeo is on the list of candidate is that to show the guyanese people that he is in line to become president again in the near future, this is not Russia with putin and mededvev guyanese people wake up

  2. Indeed Dr. Jagdeo is the Champion! Champion of the people! Guyana’s greatest Economist is the champion for the people! We the Guyanese people know that the PNC/AFC hate him because they cannot be him. We the majority LOVE our champion. President Jagdeo will help in the continuous Growth and Development.

  3. Jim you’re such a crass, it’s quite obvious you didn’t take advantage of Burnham free education , no wonder Bar Rat is your inspiration, but while you at it ,tell me one good thing Bar Rat did for Guyana ? ooops! forgot he did build Skeldon sugar factory, but I can tell you something Mr Grenidge pioneer as somebody that held similar portfolio as bar rat , and that’s Economic Recovery Program (ERP) .

  4. I see you are refuting the “thievery” , but no mention of the “pension”. You and any of your other paid PPP propagandists (Rima, Rommel or Kwamie) cannot defend that.

  5. I agree with sandra with one thing but I thing sandra is confused or dosen’t live in Guyana. Guyana is a very rich country. I heard Guyana has over one billion US dollars in the reserve. Also sandra using the word rape wrong or maybe she was rape during some robbery. I think this ppp government is very rich.

  6. there are a few youngsters in ppp who nagamoottoo ramjattan ramkarran ropenarine dont want to hear their names…these old gutless career politicians will shit their drawzzz day after tomorrow..these old indians are like those who spear their parents in their guts for a piece of property…they think jagan was their father who died leaving guyana to them..ramjattan- nagamoottoo-ramkarran–ropenarine-why not one of these indians i mentioned never want to talk about pnc past atrocities perpetrated on indians??? no they cant do that out of fear of pnc walkie talkie..

  7. Long live the PPP/C. Let progress continue. Welcome back Bharrat. Show these cowards how to run things.

  8. Jagdeo is the man for the season, I would like to see a debate between president Ramotar and the soldier, and Dr. Jagdeo against the PNC. As ramjattan said danger is dead meat, Granger said the Nimakaram cannot be trusted.

  9. if anyone in the APNU+AFC have the education and better than Jagdeo and have better potential, i say, come forward

  10. Hallelujah again! Now we are in business! We are the champion ! WE have the CHAMPION on our side. This is the only man that can take on the entire opposition by himself. They have been clamoring for this. They talk too much. They get what they ask for! PROGRESS FOR EVER!!! DEVELOPMENT FOR EVER !!
    LONG LIVE THE PPP !!!!!!!

  11. The rapists was what yall did to Guyana. Burnham scrapped the train and opened a bus service. Yes he and his wife. Now Mr fakeSandra man, that is rape.

  12. What tievery?
    Your Despot Forbes Burnham and your merry band of PNC incompetents also spent two billions of dollars of DEBT money and that is US DOLLARS ith, yes WITH nothing to show for it. Did a few hundred thousands went into your pocket?

  13. He only deh deh fuh try fuh protect he humongous pension and prevent investigation into he thievery. But he gun do more damage to the PPP campaign than he did last time.

  14. It is totally disgusting and unconscionable to read that the former President is running in this election. He has already burdened the people of Guyana with an outrageous pension that they cannot afford and now he is running again. Guyana wake up, IT IS TIME that the nonsense and rape of our country stops. This happens no where else in the democratic world.

  15. Ha Ha ha, the heat is ON!
    Small fishes and megamootoos will now hide.
    Let dem big mouth empty barrels show up.
    An International Statesman is now on the prowl!


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