Breaking News!!! Five hospitalised at Suddie Public Hospital after attempting suicide


Five persons are presently hospitalised at the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) after they consumed poisonous substances. The five persons are 22-year-old Nelina Ramesh from La Belle Alliance, 24-year-old Yosoda Munniram from Fairfield, 28-year-old Sushelia Khemraj from San Souci Wakenaam, 20-year-old Savita Sursattie from Golden Fleece Estate, and a 12-year-old girl (name withheld) from Anna Regina Squatting area.

HOSPITALISED: Susheila Khemraj from San Souci, Wakenaam
HOSPITALISED: Susheila Khemraj from San Souci, Wakenaam

During interviews conducted with these individuals they all related that they were confused and frustrated with life. They all suffered personal problems in their relationships.

According to the 12-year-old girl, she became “very frustrated with life” after enduring severe problems with her boyfriend. She is presently hospitalised, battling for her life. According to her, she had “a mouthful of gramoxone” and was saved by neighbours. She is in the hospital eight days now.

Twenty-two-year-old Nelina Ramesh from La Belle Alliance, was rushed to the hospital on Sunday morning by her parents after she ingested a quantity of tablets. Her condition is said to be improving. However, she attempted to end her life after her brother asked her to stop ‘texting’ and assist with the household chores.

Meanwhile, Yasoda Munniram – a 24-year-old mother of two from Fairfield village, said she became very frustrated after she had a heated argument with her husband last Sunday night. She consumed a large quantity of “gramoxone” and is presently receiving saline.

HOSPITALISED: Yashoda Munniran from Fairfield
HOSPITALISED: Yashoda Munniran from Fairfield

Twenty-eight-year-old Susheila Khemraj of San Souci was rushed late Sunday night after she too consumed a quantity of poison. Susheila said she was confused and at the time gave up on life. Khemraj is currently married and has two children.

Twenty-year-old Savita Sursattie also ingested “gramoxone” Sunday night. She was rushed to the hospital by relatives. Relatives said they are unsure why Savita, called Bindu, would want to end her life. Sursattie was recently married and has since been separated.

The female ward at the Suddie Hospital was packed to the extreme as persons were visiting the patients. Some of the relatives were seen crying as they are still baffled as to the reason for these individuals to have made such a drastic  move to kill themselves.



Meanwhile, two separate families on the Essequibo Coast are mourning the death of their loved ones as they tragically consumed poisonous substances separately. Dead are 23-year-old Akel Shurland of Adventure and 27-year-old Kaimwattie Persaud of Anna Regina.

DEAD: 23-year-old Akel Shurland of Adventure
DEAD: 23-year-old Akel Shurland of Adventure

According to information reaching INews, Shurland was involved in an accident recently. He crashed into another vehicle and was asked for compensation. He became confused in the process and went home and drank poison. He battled for his life several days at the Suddie Public Hospital after which he succumbed.

DEAD: 27-year-old Kaimwattie Persaud of Anna Regina
DEAD: 27-year-old Kaimwattie Persaud of Anna Regina

Meanwhile, Khemwattee Persaud – a worker attached to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) office at Anna Regina had a heated argument with her husband after which she consumed the poisonous substance. Information revealed she went at a ‘lake outing’ and upon her return she had a confrontation with her husband.

Only recently also a 21-year-old and a 42-year-old father hang themselves at Windsor Castle and Golden Fleece respectively, both villages on the Essequibo Coast. The 21-year-old hang himself on Christmas morning, while the 42-year-old father hang himself Old Year’s night in his house. The island of Wakenaam also recorded four more suicide in December, 2015.




  1. The parents needs to sit with their kids and to have a good relationship. They need to look for signs of being depressed, new signs of behavior. To check their kids at school. At most times the kids are having problems at school and it leads to a boy etc. If a parent sees their child who is between 12-14 years and is on the FB media they need to check to see what they are doing

  2. DK what is wrong with you ppl. Why is the government to be blame cuz a 12 year old have BF problem or a big man crash his car or a big woman have a fight with her husband. Stop blaming ppl for our down fall. Why you want the government help . Why cant the church and special groups also help. To those people who try commiting suicide and survive please think of why God gave you a second chance. No one is worth giving up your life for. God has giving you a special gift, make use of it. If something is bothering you talk to someone. There are a lot of people who are handicap would love to trade places with you. Blind ppl who have never seen light before, ppl in wheel chair who never walked before, and lots of other handicap ppl. So please don’t let stuff like this cross your mind. Cherish this gift God has given you and don’t hurt the people who love you.

  3. Honestly I think some of them just seeking attention and sympathy. We can’t blame the government for everything. The government may put things in place but would these same suicidal people have taken advice given or counselling given.
    Secondly some of us need to turn to the Lord and pray.

  4. Agreed!! Programs, counseling (there’s no shame in counseling!!!!), Empowerment! Female Empowerment!! The women need to learn and educate themselves to be strong, high women!.

    At 12 you’re frustrated with life after enduring severe problem with boyfriend… oh come onnnnn. You know what I was doing at 12???? I was playing in the street and in my books. These ppl need Jesus! Stupes.

    At 22….. she attempted to end her life after her brother asked her to stop ‘texting’ and assist with the household chores. Again Am not sure if to show pity here. Most of these are females with 1 male, obviously that should tell the community something!! Heated argument with their husband! Ppl just need to stop marry their children so young.

  5. Just more pathetic commentary from the village buffoon! It is useless to even encourage you to go educate yourself because you are obviously a coconut-head with zero capability to learn anything. People with education and class do not take other peoples’ grief and distress and use them to make ignorant, baseless political statements.

  6. The churches and elders need to hold evening meetings and educational programmes to deal with this very sad problem. We need to pray for these people and their families!

  7. Long live the PNC/AFC government. How come nobody is talking nothing about the government or them a hide in shame under them bed.

  8. Breaking News!!! Five hospitalized at Suddie Public Hospital after attempting suicide
    dem happy bad since burmham teck back guyana may this year.
    but before dat de bumhamites and the water rice that join bumhanites say dem know de problem why people killing dem self and vote fuh dem and dem will stop it
    dem pnc boys promised de good file so this is de pnc good life for guyanese


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