Brazilian miner robbed of raw gold by Venezuelan employees


A 50-year-old Brazilian miner who operates at Guana Sand Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven, was on Saturday robbed of a quantity of Malgum gold by three Venezuelan nationals whom he had recently hired.

The incident occurred sometime around 09:00h.

According to Police reports, the victim claims that he employed the suspects about three days ago to work on his land dredge at the said Backdam.

However on Saturday, while at his work ground, the three suspects, one of whom  was armed with a cutlass, approached the miner and ordered him to wash down his dredge.

He complied and while in the process he managed to run away into the bushes. He later returned to his work site and observed the mat in his sluce box washed of the precious minerals.

An alarm was raised and the victim later lodged a report to the Bartica Police Station.

Suspects not yet arrested. Investigations in progress.