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Haresh Singh was pulled off motorcycle, beaten to head with wood –...

Haresh Singh was pulled off motorcycle, beaten to head with wood – suspect confesses

Murdered Haresh Singh

After Police on Friday issued a wanted bulletin for Gladwin Henry – the brother of slain teenager Isaiah Henry whose body along with that of his cousin, Joel Henry, was found on a coconut farm at Cotton Tree backdam, West Coast Berbice, on September 6, 2020, the lad turned himself into Police custody. He was accompanied by his lawyer, Nigel Hughes.

Upon the discovery of the mutilated bodies of the Henry boys, several relatives of 17-year-old Haresh Singh were arrested and questioned in relation to the discovery.

They were nevertheless released since there was no evidence to prove that they were involved on the gruesome murders and as such were released from custody.
Three days later, the battered body of Singh was found at the No 3 Backdam. His burnt motorcycle was found in close proximity of his body.

However, after a thorough and lengthy investigation, three persons were arraigned for the murders of the Henry cousins. After solving that murder case, Police then turned their focus to Singh’s murder.

On Wednesday last, Police arrested three persons – Phillip Anderson, “Bucko” and “Bolo”. During interrogation, Anderson confessed that he was part of the initial plot to murder Singh as revenge for Isiah’s murder.

In his confession he reportedly told detectives that after the bodies of the Henry boys were found, one of Henry’s relative went to his home and told him that Singh’s relatives were the ones responsible for his brother’s death and that “they got to die,” as a form of revenge.

He said that Henry’s relative asked him to accompany him on the road where they were joined by “Bucko” and “Bolo”. As they were heading towards the road, they armed themselves with pieces of wood.

Anderson stated that they went straight to Haresh Singh’s house and accused his relatives of killing his brother and cousin. They reportedly started to verbally abuse the family and threatened to kill them.

After the confrontation, they left the Singh’s premises and went to the back of Isaiah’s home then to a dam at No 3 Village.
He said there, they crossed a bridge and went to the other side where they saw Haresh Singh approaching on his bike. As such, the four men instructed him to stop and Singh complied but refused to come off the bike when he was told to do so.

An angered “Bolo” reportedly grabbed Singh from behind and pulled him off the bike after which he bent him over and it was then Henry’s relative, who was carrying a piece of wood, dealt him one blow to the head.

After receiving the blow, Singh was thrown to the ground and groaned in pain, the man told Police.

Still full of anger, “Bolo” then picked up a piece of wood and repeatedly lashed Singh to his head.

Upon seeing this, Anderson told detectives that he walked away but subsequently learnt that Singh had died and his bike was set on fire.

Anderson, admitted that from the inception, he was working in cohort with Henry’s relative, “Bucko” and “Bolo” but after witnessing the brutal attack on Singh, he regretted being involved.

He has since apologised for being involved in the heinous crime especially after he found out that Singh’s family was innocent and had nothing to do with the Henry boys’ murder.

Now that a confession was secured, the Police will seek legal advice and are expected to institute charges as soon as Monday.

The three men remain in custody after approval was granted by a High Court Judge to further detain them until Monday.
Singh’s body was found on September 9, 2021, three days after the badly chopped bodies of Isaiah and Joel Henry were found.

Following the discovery, there was countrywide protests calling for justice for the boys. The Police started their investigations and shortly after they were joined by a team of overseas experts.

They all concluded that the boys were murdered at a location other than the area their mutilated bodies were found since no blood stains or weapons were found at the scene.