Brassington affirms Marriott feasibility studies undertaken prior to contract signing

Winston Brassington.
Winston Brassington.

[] – Atlantic Hotels Inc headed by Winston Brassington has denied claims that the pre – feasibility study for the Marriott Hotel was done only after Brassington had signed the contracts with the contractors.

The claim was made by Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram who in a published article is quoted as saying that Brassington only “signed contracts for the (Marriott) hotel since in October 2011 but only had the critical feasibility study done by a Miami-based consulting firm in September 2012.”

 According to a statement from AHI “it has now become the habit of Mr. Ram to publish inaccurate, tasteless and often defamatory statements on his blog site with regard to Mr. Brassington and the Marriott Hotel without any reference to the facts or the truth. Mr. Ram’s statements are then readily published in the Kaieteur News regardless of their factual inaccuracy or departure from the truth.”

The release noted that had Ram been less intent on character assassination and inclined to propaganda, instead of professional analysis and research, he would have discovered that the first market Feasibility Study undertaken with regard to the building of the Marriott Hotel was conducted by the Marriott Hotel Group in 2010.

Construction continues at the Marriott Hotel.
Construction continues at the Marriott Hotel.

“Mr. Ram would also have discovered that a further independent study by a highly reputed international Miami based firm, HVS Consulting, was also conducted in 2010.Both of these Feasibility Studies were, therefore, presented well before Mr. Brassington on behalf of AHI, signed the construction contracts with Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) in October 2011 for the building of the Marriott Hotel. The HVS Study was subsequently updated and presented in October 2012,” the statement reported.

It was noted that there was market feasibility study conducted by the Marriott Hotel Group and one conducted in 2010 by an independent American firm which is being updated in 2012.



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