Bond defends Facebook Posts on Joint Services votes; says it is not “unethical or illegal”

PNCR Member James Bond
Attorney - at - Law and APNU Member, James Bond
Attorney – at – Law and APNU Member, James Bond

[] – Candidate for the APNU+AFC Coalition, James Bond has defended his Facebook posts, which stated that 94% of Disciplinary Forces have voted in favour of the coalition, even though their ballots are yet to be stamped or counted.

His defence follows condemnation from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), who expressed concern at the posts, describing it as distasteful and extremely irresponsible.

However, Bond in a statement to iNews maintained that he has done nothing illegal or unethical since he conducted an “exit poll.”

“The exit poll I published on my Facebook yesterday has generated a storm in a tea cup as all right thinking Guyanese know that it is impossible given the checks and balances at Gecom for anyone to know the number of votes cast for the individual parties at yesterday’s polling of the Disciplined Services. It is impossible also for someone reading my poll to be persuaded to incite mayhem or cause mayhem,” the Attorney – at – Law said in his statement.

He further noted, “In previous electoral cycles the Disciplined Forces has voted for the opposition and this exit poll showed no change in that pattern. It is a known pattern of voting by that section of our society.

“The poll of itself could not be therefore unethical or unlawful or illegal and ought not cause Gecom to even bat an eyelid. It is what obtains in every modern democracy. However if the said poll causes the Disciplined Forces uneasiness I APOLOGIZE to the members of the Disciplined Forces.”

He then went on to chastise the PPP/C for “wrongfully” accusing the Disciplined Forces of many things and starving them of a decent wage and better working conditions.

The PPP/C has since stated that it intends to file an official complaint to GECOM and the police, citing Bond’s posts as an abuse of the election laws.




  1. Is your future built on rigged Elections is a very good question for James Bond. The PNC seems to be doing a good job in training their Youths to rig and rig anything.
    When the PNC/AFC womem urinate (PISS) on the Government People flag and lit it afire they had little PNC children as old as five years old in training. What a shame!!
    PNC are teaching their children by their actions and lifestyle.
    Now young Guyanese can understand why Vanessa Kissoon and the bunch of hooligans was charged criminally by the hard working police in Linden.

  2. We in America do exit polls the entire world does that and it’s not a problem so y these uneducated people making a issue on that. U know I’ve heard that your government speak about development, if there is development y a country like Haiti rated above guyana. Guyana don’t have these natural disasters and yet it can’t be modernized, what are these people calling development cause I’m lacking something here. I’ve heard guyana still uses EDGE network y in 2015 this still happen when the entire world uses 4G even haiti and we all know haiti been hit by a earth quake in resent yrs. People of Guyana need to grow up and stop voting for a party because ethnicity and vote for unity. Do u think America could be where it is because of ethnicity?? No way it’s a unity thing. And the sooner guyanese realize that it gonna be better for them

  3. Is your future built on rigged elections of which you have no proof? Look at the big picture here, the failed PPP/C administration, I ask my self y sre we one people one nation with one destiny yet we oppose a government for national unity. If you need backwardness I need unity.

  4. Granger has an opportunity to prove himself now and take this trouble maker name off the list and let him join Sharma Solomon, Vanessa Kissoon and those other PNC women who was criminally charged by the police for their mischief’s.
    James Bond is setting the foundation for rigging!!!!!!
    Or maybe Gecom gave him the information?
    1985 Election was rigged by both the PNC and Gecom jointly, when the PNC took 77.6% and gave PPP 15.6% votes.
    Where are all the PNC liars who normally comment negatively on the Progressive PPP Government?

  5. James Bond needs to examine the way politicians like Obama conduct themselves,and try to emulate. Very disappointed in his Facebook post and pathetic response. Come on James, stay focus!

  6. last election…on sn blog site…a blogger stated ppp minority government…results did not came out the night of last election but afc had that info at hand to pass it on their blogger who said he worked up his stats on info he got from all over the declare ppp minority..what stats there is all over on any election in guyana..the entire world know that ppp never lost a free fair transparent election..that sn blogger had to have inside info to declare ppp minority..james bond knows exactly where he got that info from..ask james bond where he conducted his exit polls and how many exit pollsters he had working for your life he cant answer..

  7. The PPP/C party has done so much wrong itself,that it is HYPOCRITICAL to point a finger,though it is their democratic right to file their complaint to GECOM. As the old Guyanese proverb goes:Do suh nuh like suh.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE ANYWAY.

  8. A reckless and misleading act by this immature rookie wanna be politician! How can anyone seriously consider PNC or AFC with these charlatans calling themselves politicians??

  9. You had no right to be making definitive statements on the voting of the military when the ballots have not been counted as yet, even if your projection turns out to be correct.
    Learn to control your impulses, they would certainly get you in trouble.

  10. I must agree with your statement. there is nothing that Gecom can do about a social media posting, and I would like to hear Gecom statement ramotar presence in a polling station.

  11. To Buxton. Some people have not realised that there is a change. They want to reintroduce the old way. They fail to realise yhat David Granger would not allow any of the tainted in. He is committed to a New Guyana and some of his own would be in for a surprise. Let Bond’s ego destroy him.

  12. Mr Bond should know better.
    I do not know who sanctioned his poll for him to use it in an official manner.
    You Sir are comparing previous patterns.
    You Sir failed to know that only two parties are contesting.
    You Sir are branding the Disciplined Forces.
    You Sir are in essence claiming the Disciplined Forces and their secret Ballot, which is a right to remain secret.
    Once again the PNC and its ilk is robbing the Guyanese people of Democracy.

  13. I ain’t see nothing wrong with bond posting that cause its impossible for any1 know the exact number but I ain’t hear nobody chastising ramotar for being at the poling station what the hell was he doing there, did he vote yesterday? Some of u r so 1 sided but only in Guyana


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