President admits to ‘slap’ comments towards Aishalton teacher; says it is “petty”

President Ramotar during one of his recent visit to an Amerindian Community.

By Fareeza Haniff

President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[] – Incumbent President, Donald Ramotar has admitted to a recording of him calling an Aishalton teacher stupid, who had heckled him during a meeting in December 2014.

During his debut appearance on the radio programme, ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday, May 03, the President was questioned extensively on the issue by host, Chris Chapwanya.

The President admitted to making the remarks almost five months after the recording was released and at a time when the Office of the President had stated that it will seek to authenticate the integrity of the recording.

In the recording, President Ramotar defended former President, Bharrat Jagdeo by responding to the teacher, John Adams who heckled him during a meeting in the Amerindian village.

Adams raised concerns about the former President and Ramotar could be heard telling him: “You don’t know anything about Jagdeo; if he been here, he might have slap you, cause you stupid”. The incident occurred on December 03, 2014

When questioned by Chapwanya, the President revealed “I didn’t say that exactly…I was responding to a heckle…I was speaking and responding to someone who heckled me and I said to him, you don’t know anything about Jagdeo; all you’re doing is parroting what you heard. You don’t know anything about him… what I was trying to tell him guard yourself against propaganda like that; that is in essence what I was trying to say, I didn’t put it in those words.”

John Adams
John Adams

Chapwanya then asked: “Did you use the word slap?” In response, the President said: “I probably did. I said…it was just off the cuff I was speaking at a public meeting and someone heckled and I responded…The President is a human being too you know.”

When asked if he regrets using those words, Ramotar said: “If I had the chance to think about it, maybe I wouldn’t have said it to him but…don’t you think too that it was a bit disrespectful for him to be heckling me while I was speaking?”

The incumbent President then dismissed the issue by noting that it is “petty.”

“To me that’s so petty and it gives you an idea of what goes on in our society, the kind of pettiness that takes place in our society that is blown way out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, the teacher had later claimed that one of the President’s Guard slapped him after the meeting; however the Director of Public Prosecutions has since advised that no charges be made against the Presidential Guard.



  1. Where u at free comment on something u very quiet now jagdeo can’t afford to pay u anymore

  2. This is the lawlessness that is happening in Guyana. There is no democracy, decency and ethics. This type of mentality is not needed in public office. The old way of handling issues must go. This is the twenty-first century. It is time for a change. No one is above the law.

  3. If you want a slap it can easily be arranged. Just place yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and you will get your wish. Only thing is you better come good when it comes to your revenge. Lmfao. He should have been slapped several times for his disrespectful behavior. If it was up to me the drugged up,tattooed, sleep around sheriga should have actually been slapped for her disrespectful behavior too. All of you are a bunch of misfits.

  4. The ppp is a slapping party.the president calling the teacher stupid is just to show he has no decency.the teacher was slapped by a presidential guard and the did nothing about it.if I was slapped that guard would have to seek exile out of guyana because even if it took me ten years I would get back revenge

  5. John Adams matter is insignificance comparing to what James Bond did.
    Granger has an opportunity to prove himself now and take this trouble maker name off the list and let him join Sharma Solomon, Vanessa Kissoon and those other PNC women who was criminally charged by the police for their mischief’s.
    James Bond is setting the foundation for rigging!!!!!!
    Or maybe Gecom gave him the information?
    1985 Election was rigged by both the PNC and Gecom jointly, when the PNC took 77.6% and gave PPP 15.6% votes. Also to understand PNC corruptions, Google:
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” Also please Google:
    “Felix captured on tape making firearm deals”

  6. Just good for him. Give respect to gain respect. Whatever happened he caused it on himself. Just good fa him. Lol.

  7. He doesn’t know Jagdeo either~ I’m sure he thought the same thing about Bheri, until he offered to “slap” the woman. Apparently, in “their” world only they are allowed to verbally accuse and abuse others without being held accountable.

  8. You’re right Mr President to you its petty, but what about the man who received the treat eh.


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