Body of Zorg man found in trench


Police in ‘G’ Division (Essequibo Islands and Coast) are currently investigating the death of a man whose body was discovered floating in a nearby trench, around 08:00hrs yesterday (Sunday).

The body has since been identified as 39-year-old Deodat Lakeram, known as ‘Krishna’, of Zorg Village on the Essequibo Coast.

Residents discovered Lakeram’s body in a nearby trench alongside the Zorg Public Road, clad in black long pants and a grey jersey with black Rider slippers. A silver chain was around the neck.

By the time detectives examined the body, the face and right hand had been partially eaten by fishes. The body of the unemployed man was identified by his uncle, Takoor Persaud. Lakeram, who was a known alcoholic, was last seen around 14:30hrs on January 14, with a fisherman in the village.

The body was later transported to the Suddie mortuary where a post-mortem would be conducted.




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