Body found Mahdia Backdam

a section of Mahdia under water last week

The body of an unidentified man was on Sunday morning found several miles from the township of Mahdia, Region Eight. Based on reports received, passersby saw the body floating in a river and immediately alerted the police.

The body, according to information gathered, did not have any marks of violence and it is believed that he might have drowned during the recent flash flood in the area.

When contacted, an official explained that the person might not be from Mahdia but might have been a miner who travelled into the area looking for employment.

Nevertheless, the body was taken to the Mahdia Hospital Mortuary and is awaiting a post-mortem examination. Mahdia has experienced severe flash flooding over the past two days with hundreds of residents affected and having to move to higher grounds.

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) responded promptly with aids to the affected residents. In addition, it has been assessing the damage caused by the flood with the aim of having the lives of the residents returned to normalcy.