BM Soat withdraws legal action against Public Works Ministry


Public Works Ministry demolishing the illegal structure. [iNews' Photo]
Public Works Ministry demolishing the illegal structure. [iNews’ Photo]
[] Following days of drama between BM Soat and the Public Works Ministry, the Company has officially withdrawn all legal action as it relates to their occupation of public land.

A press statement from the Public Works Ministry stated that owner of the Company, Bhashir Mohamed, through his lawyer, Khemraj Ramjattan, filed a “notice of withdrawal and discontinuation” in the Court of Appeal on Monday, January 6, 2014.

“Mohamed’s withdrawal confirmed the Ministry’s argument that it was correct in its move to remove the illegal structures, which included a fence,” the Public Works Ministry stated.

The Ministry’s position has always been that the erected fence, which was at the center of the legal wrangle, had to be removed in accordance with the 1973 property boundary line.

According to the Ministry, BM Soat’s intransigent in the matter severely delayed the much needed road widening works for up to two years and placed an enormous burden on taxpayers.

“It is hoped that the turnaround in Mohamed’s attitude will be an object lesson for all those who are illegally occupying Government lands. Guyana’s development cannot be held hostage for the selfish interest of a select few.”

Workers of the Ministry of Public Works on December 27, using an excavator, demolished a fence and two concrete structures of BM Soat’s Auto Sales show-yard at Success, East Coast of Demerara.

The demolition came three days after the Ministry initially intended to destroy the structure following a court order to that effect.

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry secured a court order instructing them to demolish the fence and all other structures sitting on the reserve and which had prevented the Ministry from proceeding with its road expansion.

On December 24, the Ministry made moves to have the fence wrecked but the company blocked the move by parking brand new vehicles along the fence preventing machinery from getting close enough.



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