Blue Caps issues warning to politicians to avoid fear mongering, race baiting

Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling
Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling

[] – Social Change Organisation – Blue Caps – is warning politicians to avoid negative and destructive tactics during their campaigns now that May 11 has been confirmed as Election Day.

Blue Caps, in a media release, says it is eager to have the elected representatives back in Parliament attending to the business of the people, but noted that political leaders should always put the business of the people before personal agendas and ambitions.

“At this time we encourage all political parties to focus their campaign efforts on matters of importance to the people and, at all costs, avoid negative and destructive tactics such as fear mongering and race baiting,” the Organisation stated.

According to Blue Caps, while the changing of the date for CXC and CAPE exams are welcomed, they believe the unnecessary costs associated “could have and should have been avoided.”

“Consultations between the running party and the opposition parties should be more frequent to avoid similar situations in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Organisation which is headed by Clinton Urling, reiterated its position that Local Government Elections is the fastest way to see almost immediate change at the community level.

“We strongly urge the party/parties that constitute the next government to place great emphasis on ensuring Local Government Elections are held shortly thereafter.”

The Organisation is also encouraging all eligible voters to ensure their names are on the voters list and to exercise their democratic right to vote on the assigned date.

“We urge citizens to ensure peace and stability continues during the elections period. Our fore parents took up arms to secure our right to vote, it should not be treated lightly.”



  1. At this present Moment the country have a combine opposition of over 50% that earlier wanted LGE. If the opposition follow their principles they would stick to LGE but they are jumping here there and everywhere. They opposition know well that if they had LGE before GE and RE they would lead many community. They were not satisfied so they wanted to go bigger. Now they are trouble because they have lost alot of supporters. When the General election is finish and the results are not satisfying for opposition they would demand LGE. That can push them further in the minority.

  2. The opposition talking about corruption and thieving because then can. The had the power to find the thieves and discipline them but they opposition so hungry for power that they over think and spoil everything.

  3. Who gives a flying fart what Burnham did. He rigged the election because he could the PPP/C thieving the people’s money because they can. Time for a change. No matter what you or any body say about Burnham no one cares, the man did what he had to do and now he dead.

  4. referendum and LGE has nothing to do with who win the election. it will only tell us whether the people want LGE or not. You want to bet that the combined opposition win?

  5. Hey Pandit Andrew, Three of your personalities speak out against Salim. You PNC crooks are good with fraud, and can really RIG!!!!
    One of your personalities will let the world know that you’re a paid blogger who is on Basil Williams pay roll, and you’re Felix puppet.
    Come 12th of may the PPP will celebrate their victory with a whopping 53% win.
    Guyana will continue to Develop, Grow, and Prosper under the PPP.

  6. Mr Urling:
    Forbes Burnham and his PNC Party use to have 100% overseas votes. Ironic, these are/were mostly PPP supporters who fled Guyana during PNC rule..
    The Diaspora votes were also rigged by the PNC. No one had a chance to fight for it against strongman and the bullying despot SAMPSON Burnham.

  7. I am so sorry for you Jai/Gray/slymongoose, and god know what other names you come with, I tell you this on the day when i have to arrest you you better give me the right name because i have the right name. You still trying to justify how smart you are but 11th of May everything will change. Time is drawing close and the day of judgement will be very soon, its going to be nice to see how you lawless criminals will take it when the results are out,just remember your own people are FED UP so be very careful. Jail time will be hanging over a lot of your friends,, Not you because you are only a cup drinker. WATCH IT. Just to put your heart at ease my name is Salim and you can go witch hunt now and see the list of senior police officers. HA HA

  8. The PNCR need a course on Peace before this upcoming election. They need to understand that everyone has a right to Vote for whoever they chooses without fear. The PNCR is noted for driving fear into citizens mostly Indians at every Election in Guyana.

  9. Mr, Urling, You need to stop your hypocrisy! Everyone knows that blue caps is just a PNC tool. Hey, changing your name doesn’t make you different or better you know.
    Look at that PNC scoundrel Andrew, change his name to Salim, and is under the control of sheitan (shay an) an individual with many personalities, imagine one personality fooling the other while one is a police, and one is a criminal, one a Indian, one a black, one an illiterate thinking he’s an educator. What a travesty. Poor thing.
    I wonder how many email address this rogue has? Maybe one for each personality.

  10. A referendum on Local Government Elections can be done during elections, and based on the results a date can be set for LGE.


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