Birthday party bloodbath in T&T


…four survive but three die

The midnight murders of three people in Freeport, during which four others were wounded, happened at the birthday party for one of the victims who survived. The killings happened at Commonwealth Drive, off Nelson Road, Freeport, at around 12.30a.m.

Police were told that a group of people were outside the home of birthday boy Daniel Spencer, when four or five men, all with guns, emerged from bushes and began killing.

Three people died at the scene – Elton Amora, Winston Edwards and Michael Brown, men all in their 20s. Injured are Spencer, who was shot in the arm and abdomen, Melikah Davis, 20, who suffered a flesh wound, and Roland Earl, 31, who was shot in the head and chest and listed in critical condition at hospital.

The motive for the murders had not been established but police were told there was an attempt to shooting Spencer last year. (Trinidad Express)



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