Berbice housewife bled to death from cut to foot – autopsy

Oma Davi Virasamy

A postmortem examination has found that 30-year-old Oma Davi Virasamy died from shock and hemorrhage and a cut to an artery of the foot.

The autopsy was conducted by Government Pathologist Dr Vevakanand Bridgemohan.

Mahendra Paltoo, 35, also called “Ajay”, initially told investigators that his, wife was in the process of making up the bed for their child when she slipped and fell on a cutlass on Sunday evening.

The cutlass was reportedly hidden between two mattresses in their bedroom at their Lot 171 Bloomfield New Housing Scheme home.

The husband said the woman received a cut on her right ankle, and as such, he assisted her to dress the wound after which she retired to bed.

He further claimed that he woke up at about 04:40h on Monday and discovered his wife lying motionlessly.

The man’s father Mukish Paltoo said he handed over his son to the police after learning that Virasamy had died.

According to the 60-year-old man, his son telephoned them and requested help in taking her to the hospital.

The elder Paltoo said he initially declined, making reference to his fading sight and suggested that his son seeks the assistance of a neighbour.

Paltoo who lives about five miles away at Hampshire, eventually made the trip to his son’s residence after the neighbour was unable to help.

When we reach me ask what happen and they say the girl was dead, so I tell my wife that I got to carry this boy to the station. I take him and carry him to Whim Police Station and he go and meet the policeman come and see what happen and he tell me that I can’t be around,” the father revealed.

“He say the girl fall on a cutlass… that she go to tie the netting and the cutlass de brace on the wall and she fall on it. That is what he tell me.”

Meanwhile, police said that after Paltoo was questioned he changed his story and told them that he and his reputed wife had a misunderstanding where she accused him of being unfaithful.

Police said during the said argument the woman pushed the man which resulted in him arming himself with a cutlass and dealt her several lashes about her body causing her to receive a cut to her right ankle and injuries to other parts of her body including under her left eye.

The victim’s uncle Deodat Arjuman says the family wants a thorough probe into the incident.

Paltoo was previously charged with wounding and sentenced to prison for one year and was released in March of this year. Paltoo remains in police custody as investigations continue.
Meanwhile, the couple has an 18-month-old daughter who is physically challenged. Paltoo also has a 17-year-old son.