Berbice couple terrorized, robbed during home invasion


A #69 Village, Berbice Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) couple is left traumatized after they were reportedly terrorized and robbed by two men who were armed with cutlasses during a home invasion in the wee hours of Sunday.

Based on reports received, the couple secure their home and retired to bed at about 20:30h but at about 00:05h, the make was awakened by a noise and upon checking, he was confronted by two masked men armed with cutlasses in his bedroom.

The men reported demanded cash and jewelry during which they terrorized the couple to comply.

However, the woman out of fear from her and her husband’s life handed over one gold band and two gold finger rings valued over 1 million, one silver chain, one silver band and one silver ring.  The items were reportedly hidden in the said bedroom.

After collecting the items, the man made good their escape. The couple reportedly raised an alarm and neighbours rushed to their assistance.

They were taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital where they were treated. The wife was sent away while the husband remains a patient at the said institution for observation, his condition is regarded as stable. The matter was subsequently reported and an investigation was launched.