Berbice businessman living in fear after 3rd robbery in 2 months


A businessman of D’Edward Village, West Bank Berbice (WBD) is living in fear after experiencing a third robbery in less than two months.

Harry Lalsa, proprietor of Lalsa Enterprise, said at around 01:45hrs on Wednesday, he heard a loud noise which woke him up.

Upon inspection, he noticed two persons in the yard.

The businessman told INews that he then armed himself with a cutlass and ventured downstairs where he noticed that attempts were being made to open a grilled door.

“I see like someone try to pull out the hunch from the grill door. They could not get to the padlock because the lock is from inside,” he said.

However, in order to get to that door, the intruders broke the padlock on the grill door leaning towards the upper-flat of the house.

The perpetrators also used a towel and placed it over the light at the side of the yard as they were trying to gain entry into the building.

Lalsa further explained that when he ventured into the store, which is located in the lower flat, he discovered that it was ransacked.

Phone cards, cigarettes, alcohol and cash were missing.

According to the businessman, when he tried to call the police from the landline, he realised that it was disconnected.

As such, he shouted to a neighbour who reportedly called the police.

However, shortly after the incident, a mobile patrol was passing and Lalsa stopped them and reported the matter.

On December 23, 2019 bandits broke into the store and removed close to $1M in cash and other valuables. At that time the business had placed a quantity of money and other documents in a bag in preparation for a visit to the city the following morning to conduct business.

In November 2019, bandits had also broken into the building and removed man’s firearm and almost $1M in valuables.

“Up to now the police have not told me anything about these matters but they asked me to prove to them why I should have another firearm,” he vented.

According to Lalsa, he is seriously considering migrating. (Andrew Carmichael)