Berbice accident: Motorcyclist, pillion rider were not wearing helmets – police

Zameer Alli

A motorcyclist was killed and a pillion rider injured following an accident along the Liverpool Public Road, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) on Tuesday evening.

Dead is Zameer Alli, of Letter Kenny Village, Berbice. The 25-year-old was pronounced dead at the Port Mourant Hospital on Tuesday evening following a collision with a motorcar on the Liverpool Public Road.

The crash also resulted in 23-year-old Samuel Anderson of Rose Hall Town, who was the pillion rider, being injured.

According to the police, the crash involved motorcar, HD 3517, which was being driven by a 48-year-old man of Limlair Village.

Police said that motorcar, HD 3517, was proceeding west along Liverpool Public Road Corentyne Berbice and attempted a right turn north when the black XR motorcycle with the rider and pillion rider both without safety helmets was in the process of overtaking.

As a result, the front portion of the motorcycle collided with the right-side front portion of the motorcar. This caused the motorcyclist and pillion rider to fall on the road surface. They were picked up and taken to the Port Mourant Public Hospital, where Alli succumbed while receiving medical attention.

Anderson was later transferred to New Amsterdam Public Hospital suffering from a fractured right foot and abrasions to both hands. His condition is regarded as stable.

Meanwhile, an autopsy was conducted on Alli’s body on Wednesday and the cause of death was given as cerebral shock with hemorrhage and fracture to the cervical spine.

The driver of the car remains in custody as police investigate.

According to Jenny Fredricks, the wife of Alli, the motorcycle involved in the accident was not the one her husband was on when he left home. The woman said that he left home with an e-bike for Rose Hall Town to meet with a cousin.

“He said he was going to be back early because yesterday (Monday) was my grandmother’s funeral. A little after he left, he called me and said that the scooter-bike battery died and so he want to leave it by one of my brother’s friends. I said it was okay and told him to go and call. When he go he said that everywhere lock up so I said to him ‘just put the bike, it will be okay’. He said that he would get a car to take him to Rose Hall and then get a car to come back home,” the woman related.

She said she subsequently made contact with Alli, who said he was at Rose Hall in the company of his cousin and promised to be home in half an hour.

“I called him just after 6:30 and he said for me to give him half an hour because he was talking with his cousin. I gave him about an hour and then called back but got no answer.”
According to the woman, said she thought that he might have gone to a nearby shop to play online games and probably did not hear his phone ringing.

Meanwhile, according to Fredricks, she subsequently learnt that there was an accident and went to the Port Mourant Hospital.

“I did not know that it was he involved in the accident but when I reached the hospital, I see him lie down there,” she added.

Fredricks said she does not know when her husband would have passed their Letter Kenny home on his way to Liverpool when the crash occurred. She also said that she does not know whose bike he was riding.

The couple has been together for a year and a half.

There has been 11 deaths on the roads in Region Six for the year so far; eight being motorcyclists. For the corresponding period last year, there were 8 road deaths in the region.

Nevertheless, the police are reporting an overall 51 percent decrease in road accidents in the region with a 40 percent decrease in serious accidents, a 27 percent in minor accidents and an 83 percent in accidents classified as damage.