Bar Association chides President Ramotar for delay in dissolving Parliament


[] – The Guyana Bar Association (GBA) says that in accordance with Guyana’s constitution, President Donald Ramotar should have taken steps to ensure the dissolution of Parliament since February 10, 2015 in preparation for the May 11 polls.

In a press statement on Saturday, February 14, the GBA said the fact that President Ramotar is yet to dissolve parliament is something that is of much worry to the Association given that it goes against Guyana’s constitution.

“It would appear therefore that the non-dissolution of Parliament is unconstitutional and unlawful. It should have been done no later than February 10, 2015.The failure to act in accordance with clear Constitutional provisions is a worrying manifestation of casual disregard of the laws by which we are governed. It is more acute when done by the Executive whose mandate it is to uphold those laws,” the press statement read.

The GBA pointed to Article 69 (1) of Guyana’s constitution which stipulated “unambiguously” that each session of Parliament should be held within a four to six months period, depending on the circumstance.

Article Article 69 (1) reads “each session of Parliament shall be held at such place within Guyana and shall begin at such time (not being later than six months from the end of the preceding session if Parliament has been prorogued or four months from the end of that session if Parliament has been dissolved) as the President shall appoint by proclamation.”

Government officials have argued that the President has anytime within the three months in the run-up to the May 11 polls to issue the proclamation to dissolve the National Assembly.