Bandits rob Bank of Baroda branch at Mon Repos – escape with undisclosed amount of cash, security guard’s weapon


The Guyana Police Force has activated its Crime Intelligence Units and set up strategic road blocks following the daring robbery this afternoon of the Bank of Baroda at its Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara branch.

Police said the robbery occurred at about 12:50hrs today Friday when four men, one of whom was armed with a firearm, entered the Bank of Baroda at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara and held up the lone female private security guard on duty and took away her .32 service revolver.

During the incident, which the police said lasted for about five minutes, the men then held up the two female tellers and took away an undisclosed amount of cash and escaped in a waiting silver grey/off white premio motor vehicle bearing false registration plate PNN 8984.

The police said it quickly responded to the report received and strategic road blocks have been established and anti-crime patrols alerted. Crime Intelligence Units have also been activated.



  1. Those freedom fighters you find out if they are,,i bet they is APACHIES,,AND EVEN IF THEY ARE COWBOYS ,THEY IS SMALL TIME THIEF MAN,,,the bigger criminals were in government ,,you will see them in the NEWS very soon,,HA

  2. Well said. It’s hard to believe those vagabonds remember rumjattan don’t see too well, whilst naga is power struck. Suh nothing them seh don’t mek sence.

  3. People don’t you see the crime has gone to a higher level, robbing banks, what next? Isn’t this year our Golden Jubilee Anniversary???

  4. Remember Guyana had NO problems until now,23 yrs of 3Ps Guyanese lived without any CRIME, not one Guyanese get Robbed when CHIEF BAR-RAT was in the tent, LOL

  5. Bandits rob Bank of Baroda branch at Mon Repos – escape with undisclosed amount of cash, security guard’s weapon.
    For the life of me I just dont understand why and who are arming these lone security guards.These are only adding salt to the wound.More ammo for the bandits.
    Even if the bandits wanted to kill the security guard they can do so at will with impunity simply because the bandits know where they are headed and what they want and the security does not know this.
    At least in this case no one got hurt but the security guard added one one weapon in the hands of bandits. I hope the bank has cameras and are in working order.

  6. PNC at its best and NAGA and RAMJATTAN claim crime rate is going down! They mean it is sinking Guyana below the Atlantic….Face the facts people, PNC is working @ full force…and the gangs are on the rise again!


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