Ball in Govt’s court: Jagdeo submits CV’s of nominees for new GECOM Chair

Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo and current President David Granger

The Leader of the Opposition,Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, yesterday submitted to President David Granger the requested curricula vitae of the six (6) nominees on the list originally presented to him on December 21, 2016.

President Granger, had requested that the curricula vitae for the six persons Jagdeo nominated to fill the post of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) be provided to him so that he can determine their suitability for the post according to the requirements outlined in the Constitution of Guyana.

“I replied to him right away because although those six names might be known to the public, I could not be sure that their nominations were in accordance with the Constitution. I have asked him to let me have copies of the Curriculum Vitae of each one so that it can guide me in making my decision. So that is where we are now and I would say that the ball is in his court. I would say let me have the resume for the persons so we can go ahead with this process. It is very important that we have a Chairman as early as possible,” the President said.

The nominees include Lawrence Latchmansingh, Ramesh Dookhoo, Norman Mc Lean, Christopher Ram, Rhyaan Shawand Professor James Rose.

Jagdeo had said that the request was a fair one, and noted prior that that all of the nominees have demonstrated character traits of persons of integrity.

“I think they all are strong people and courageous people and people who have demonstrated that they are prepared to serve the country’s interest, not partisan interest so that is my sense. I did not go into any great detail about their management styles or anything of that sort but their names came forward from civil society [who], reviewed these names, thought that they had some character traits that are necessary…,” he said.

The former Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally’s resignation became effective as of November 30 after 15 years of holding the post.




  1. Persons with bad track record should be omitted from holding such position. At least one of these nominee came to my mind.This individual was involved in a “car parts scandal” back in the 70’s when he was the head of an organization.


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