Bakewell renews RHTY&SC Cricket Sponsorship



Bakewell-renews[] – The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) has secured for another year the sponsorship of Bakewell.

According to a release from the RHTY&SC, the Company handed over sponsorship for the Under-17 and second division teams.

The sponsorship, to the tune of $220,000, would cover the two teams’ participation in Berbice Cricket Board tournaments in 2014 and represents the 15th successive year the Company has come on board.

The second division team has won four titles and the Under-17 team, three titles with players such as Assad Fudadin, Shemaine Campbelle, Clinton Pestano and others being beneficiaries of sponsorship over the years.

According to Chief Executive officer of the RHTY&SC Hilbert Foster, the cricketing aspect of the club will be under the guidance of Cricket Manager, Moonish Singh and Cricket Coach Winston Smith.

Rajin Ganga, the General Manger of Bakewell expressed satisfaction to be associated with the RHTY&SC, dubbing it one of the most dynamic and productive youth and sports club in Guyana.



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