Authorities working to prevent collusion between prison officers and inmates

The entrance to the Lusignan Prison

Prison Director (ag) Nicklon Elliot says efforts are underway to address the issue of collusion between prison officers and inmates.

In an interview with this publication, he was asked about instances of collusion between prisoners and law enforcement officers.

“Based on intelligence, yes, this has been happening that is why we are working to reduce that…that is why these searches are being conducted to retrieve whatever items are within the prisons.”

Over the past month, the Joint Services has unearthed almost 100 improvised weapons along with large quantities of ganja, razor blades, cigarettes, metal objects and lighters.
The most recent raid was conducted on Monday last where a number of contraband items were unearthed at the New Amsterdam Prison. Among the items found were seven improvised weapons, a quantity of razor blades and two grams of cannabis.
Additionally, ranks also discovered one cellular phone, twenty lighters, pepper sauce and two cell phone chargers.

The Prison Director is hoping that these constant raids will result in deterring collusion between prison officers and inmates.