Attorney General says Gov’t will break deadlock on appointment of CJ, Chancellor soon

Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams

[] – Attorney General Basil Williams has recommitted, on the APNU+AFC government’s behalf, to breaking the deadlock over the appointment of a consensually agreed Chancellor and Chief Justice.

Williams says the government also intends to keep its elections promise and bring an end to the practice of appointing governing party cronies to the Magistracy and Judicial Bench.

Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang
Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang

The AG told members of the media, gathered at his office on Wednesday, that the government is looking for someone to appoint as Chief Justice, since acting CJ Ian Chang’s will retire in February.

He explained that Chang has accumulative leave and may proceed off the job before that time.

Chang has been acting in the CJ’s position for a decade now along with the Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh.

Williams explained that before a person is appointed substantively to any of the two positions, consultations between the President and Opposition Leader will need to take place.

“But that person who acts in his position until his retirement would have to be a person appointed by the President following consultation with the Opposition Leader,” Williams said.

He refused to say who the persons currently were being looked at to fill the positions by the government.










  1. that is what they are afraid of that he would overturn the elections result mr mouthstash that use to party with the buxton freedom fighters batty bitting he studing the 50% raise he just get .

  2. Stop your crap with all this Afro-Guyanese rubbish…. Your corrupt lord and masters never put anyone non PPP and indo in any senior positions…. Chedi would never have allowed the bias crap that went on under jagdeo as he knew how divisive that policy would be…. Appoint the best for the post and if it happens to be an Afro then let the qualifications and experience speak for itself…. Your problem is you have no issues putting people in positions of power who’s only qualification is race… That in turn has allowed the mass of uneducated sheep to almost run the country into oblivion…

  3. Another Afro Guyanese in line for the position already , with no advertisement what so ever. Good way to go . Keep it up APNU/AFC , Party hacks already in line.

  4. we county will fail and I completely blame the united state we as refugee will leave Guyana and only heat to the US virgin island and and their territories and if coast guards try to stop those boat whichever countries stop the Guyanese to leave Guyana let that country feel the burden of the Guyana refugee every country coast guard will turn a blind eye to Guyana and let them enter st. Thomas, st. john etc. the British virgin will feel the same as well . the America policies is the worst in the world all the do is cause trouble in this world . they will feel it believe god see .

  5. Yes we know that Afro PNC cronies would be appointed in the place of Carl Singh and Ian Chang. as the norm has been since May 11 2015. The appintments at the Land Registry and GWI without advertising these vacancies are the most recent examples.

    Mr Chang has to ensure that the results of the May 11 2015 elections are overtuned on the grounds of massive rigging before he demits office. that judgment would be his greatest contribition to his country.

    I hope the incoming administration would see it fit confers upon Ian chang , the Cacique Crown of Honour for saving this country from destruction again by the PNC.


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