‘As New and As Old’ – Art exhibition opens at Castellani House


unnamed (5)[www.inewsguyana.com] Last evening (Friday, May 9) the management of the National Art Gallery – Castellani House – opened an art exhibition under the theme ‘As New and As Old’ which happened to be one of the poems written by renowned Guyanese poet Martin Carter.

On display are selected works by Bernadette Indira Persaud done during the period 1984 – 2014.

Persaud has not exhibited at the gallery in the last 10 years, and her return to the gallery celebrates both Indian Arrival and Independence.

In his overview, Alim Hussain spoke about Persaud’s early works which started at a time when sculpture was more popular and the topics of her work touched on strong political issues in Guyana. He highlighted that the paintings are very lush in terms of colour, disparities and clashes. 

Hussain added that Persaud’s paintings also hint to her East India ancestry, and these are evident in the depictions of the India deities. The paintings also touch on humanity, death, morality, values, folk culture and political and racial harmony.

Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds noted that exhibitions like these are the kind of things the government is willing to support. He expressed the hope that through these activities people would become more aware of other people’s styles.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony commended Ms. Persaud for her effort which gives an inspiring feeling. He also recognized traces of Guyanese history from the 1980s to present in the art work.
Minister Anthony posited that as humans we need this type of introspection which helps us to become better.

unnamed (4)In her remarks, Ms. Persaud indicated that she was pleased with the turn out. She also expressed gratitude to Philbert Gagadar and Ohena Koama for their hard work in setting up the space to exhibit pieces.

She also advocated for a proper art gallery so that artists can properly exhibit their work.  

The exhibition will open until June. Some of the 43 pieces on display are from Persaud’s ‘Rainforest’ and ‘Gentleman in the Garden’ collections. 



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